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3 months old already! (April 17th)

<< 1 month on the left vs 3 months on the right!





Naps in the crib were becoming a battle so when we found he fell asleep by himself looking at the swing mobile he suddenly only took naps there lol. It was nice to be able to have him get good naps but I was a little paranoid about leaving the room since swings aren’t technically safe sleep spots :-/.  But good thing Ben was still on paternity leave so I could get a shower in!

The spring weather was beautiful and right as he turned 3 months he learned how to really hold his head up for tummy time :).

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Not quite ready for the chair tho lol


Lena and Davin

Lena turned 2 years old April 23! And we didn’t even get a picture that day :-/…She did get some extra treats and eventually got to go to petsmart for a new toy tho. She’s adjusting to being a big sister and is pretty patient with getting only 1 walk a day instead of 2 and is learning to be gentle and not lick Davin to death lol. She may be a little jealous of all the new toys he gets but no damages so far.  Davin on the other hand… I’m not entirely sure he’s noticed her yet lol. I’m sure they will be good friends eventually, and for now she at least gets us to go on a walk every day and she makes Davin’s pictures even cuter.



Every day she brings us toys to play tug of war and eventually gives up and lays with her bear friend (still around since day 1!) lol.





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#HappyStPatricksDay #2MonthsExactly

At Davin’s 2 month appointment he weighed 12 pounds 13 ounces, and was in 75th percentile for weight and 90 percentile for length and head size!




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He got his first bath at 5 wks old thanks to my cousin Juleen – she’s a NICU nurse so gave us a professional how-to :). (I know we are a little slow lol but his cord didn’t fall off til 4 wks old?)





IMG_8337This month we kicked Davin out of our room – down the hall to his crib. He stopped liking the pack n play napper and were using the flat pack n play bassinet, but he was keeping us awake too much – even when he was sleeping he made lots of noises and Ben kept checking on him. He did pretty well in his crib at night and still woke up to eat – day or night – every 3 hrs to eat. He seemed to get over the cluster feeding in the evening but instead was sometimes really gassy and would just fuss and cry for an hour :(. Gas drops and gripe water didn’t help, I tried going off dairy, we got probiotic drops, and finally about 10 weeks old he stopped being fussy at night and we could put him to bed by 8-9pm. I think his tummy finally just grew up a bit.

SleepyDaddyWhen he was about 7 weeks old and 11-12 lbs we tried to start getting him to only wake up 2xs at night instead of three times between the 7pm and 7am feedings (10pm, 1am, 4am). Ben was really good about getting up with him for an hour or so every night to help him go back to sleep and only have 2 feedings instead of 3 (3 was killing me… cause I never got to sleep more than 90ish minutes at a time). Finally about 10 weeks he was down to just 2 night feedings – about midnight & 4am which was much more doable for me and Ben didn’t have to get up at night much after that!


We even ventured out of the house a bit this month – went on a hike (which Lena loved), had a Bradley class reunion, and got pizza while Davin slept :D!

HeadingOutForFirstHikeB HeadingOutForFirstHike

BradleyClass BradleyBabies2 BradleyBabies 0020

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We had a fun visit from my mom & stepdad February 2 – 13!   My mom made us lots of good dinners and we had fun watching This Is Us while I nursed Davin in the evenings.  My mom helped us sort a bunch of clothes my friend gave us and do a photo shoot! Even if it didn’t turn out exactly pinterest perfect, it was fun and we got lots of cute shots :).



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Then Ben’s parents and youngest 2 siblings visited Feb 17 – 19 for a fun weekend!

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Having family here to keep me company, Ben escaped to get a bit of woodworking in and finished the changing table – it turned out so cute and the yellow decal on the side that he carved has 7 petals :-)! He also learned how to use his lathe and made a couple bowls. Also notice the ABC cross stitch on the wall is something my Grandmom Schollian (my dad’s mom) made for me when I was a baby :-).


IMG_7967   IMG_8295

And lots more pics of our cutie the first month:

IMG_8309 IMG_8026 IMG_7987 IMG_7973 IMG_7980 IMG_7978 0028 0027 IMG_8013

The first month we tried to get him in a routine of Eat Play (mostly skipped this part lol) Sleep every 3 hours. He slept in our room in the pack n play napper insert (see pic above).  Week three was a little rough for me (lots of tears :-/) cause I thought I’d be back to getting stuff done – maybe working on school stuff a bit… but I was barely getting a shower in every other day lol… Basically we stayed up kind of late cause Davin seemed to want to eat and fuss all evening from like 7-11. Then if I was in bed from 11pm- 11am/noon I’d get about 6-7 hours of sleep between feedings lol.  But it was nice to have my mom to keep me extra company that week and once I gave up some expectations it was more manageable lol.