Davin Francis Munyan

Davin Francis Munyan
written by Teyanna, your mom, on 1/26/3028


Born 1/17/2018 11:12 pm (due 1/28/2018)
7 lbs 14.5 ounces; 19 inches long;
Apgar Score 9,9; 100% adorable!

*7th* Munyan Grandkid (#8 born 1/27!)
1st Grandkid for Tey’s mom & dad, 9th Stephens Grandkid (Tey’s stepdad)


Your dad and I are very excited to have you join our family! Only a few days and its been a new adventure – with not very much sleep, but lots of adorable smiles & faces to keep us going :).  See lots of pics at the bottom and see his birth story here.

Story Behind Your Name: We finally agreed on a name a few days before you were born :).  While we were brainstorming names, your dad found the name Davin and we really liked all the meanings behind it.  It means “beloved/dearly loved” in Hebrew & French, “intelligent” in Norse, and in Scandinavian & Swedish means “shining, bright Finn/Pride of the Finns.”  (We love those 1st two meanings and your dad lived in Finland for 2 years so he kind of like that last one too.) My only reservation with it was that it’s a little unusual but hopefully having to say “Davin, like Gavin with a D” or “Davin, like Dallin with v” won’t bug you too much ;-). But only a few days old and you really are dearly loved!

For your middle name, we decided on Francis, after my maternal Grandmother, Frances Rae Wilson Memmott, who was named after her maternal grandfather Francis McDonald.  I like that your great-grandma Frances is a very loving person who sees the good in others and loves to learn.   While we are not Catholic, I also like the Pope Francis for his concern for the poor. We want you to remember while intelligence is a great attribute and it is good to always be learning, compassion and concern for others especially those less fortunate than you is also an important attribute.  My favorite book in high school was The Chosen by Chaim Potok — the main character is brilliant and one quote that stuck out to me was the main character’s dad: “I went away and cried to the Master of the Universe, “What have you done to me? A mind like this I need for a son? A heart I need for a son, a soul I need for a son, compassion I want from my son…not a mind without a soul!”  So while remember, regardless of your other talents, compassion and concern for others is an important characteristic to have and that all of us can develop.

Finally, I liked that the 12th century Saint Francis is the Patron Saint of Animals & the Environment – which reminds me of my paternal grandparents, Dorothy Ervina Shanklin Schollian and James Joseph Schollian who are great lovers of animals.  They always have a dog, cat, fish, & horses and many hummingbirds, woodpeckers, squirrels and deer that come near the house for the food they leave for them. I have many memories visiting their farm growing up.  Its important to respect & take care of the earth and our responsibility to take care of the animals in our environment, especially ones that can’t take care of themselves like our pets or wild animals that are being negatively impacted by humans.  Hopefully you and our dog, Lena, will be good friends in a couple years :-).

Good job if you read that saga :), now for lots and lots of pics!!!

Hospital Pics:

JustBorn_MomGettingStitchUp_Jan17 JustBorn_wDad JustBorn_MomsComingBacktoLife Newborn_Hospital TiredDad_Baby+TinyHospitalCot_Jan19 Hospital_Jan19_wMom




Hospital Photo Shoot







Hospital_Jan19b Hospital_Jan19c

Hospital_Jan19dHospital_Jan19_wDadHospital_Jan19aHospital_Jan19_hands Hospital_Jan19e





Going Home!





GoingHomeFromHospital_wDad_Jan20 GoingHomeFromHospital_wMom_Jan20






First Week Home




Jan23_bigEyes Jan23_OFace Jan23_Plotting Jan23_Escaped!Jan24_MilkDrunkJan25_Thanx4theSwaddleAfton!Jan26_SmileJan26_OFace

And of course some of Lena! She’s been pretty calm around Davin and me which is nice. At first she was pretty cautious maybe thought he was a weird toy lol. Now she’s getting more curious.  Normally she never chooses to hang out upstairs with me (like when I work in the office) but she likes hanging in the nursery sometimes :).

LenaHangingInTheNursery_Jan22e LenaHangingInTheNursery_Jan22d LenaHangingInTheNursery_Jan22c LenaHangingInTheNursery_Jan22a LenaHangingInTheNursery_Jan22b


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  1. Carolyn

    Soooo beautiful! What an amazing name. We gave Natalee Grandma Memmott’s middle name (Rae) because she is a “ray” of sunshine, and I want Nat to be like her! Love that Davin’s name is so thoughtful. Thank you for sharing and for introducing this little guy to us all. Hugs and love to you both.


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