Nora Evelyn Munyan

Nora Evelyn Munyan was born March 1 at 1:33 am, 7 pounds 8 oz, 19.5 inches long, and beautiful & perfect as can be!

For those who don’t mind gory/medical details, her birth story is here.

We liked the name Nora which means “sun ray or shining light.” Evelyn is after Teyanna’s Grandmom Schollian and Aunt Donna’s middle names – Ervina & Lynn (Dorothy Ervina Schollian is Teyanna’s dad’s mom and Donna Lynn is Teyanna’s dad’s sister). Evelyn means “desired, wished for” or “water, island”, Ervina means “sea friend or green water” and Lynn means “lake or waterfall”. Grandmom Schollian and Aunt Donna are both strong women who love to serve and help others. They love their people (and really love their animals). Nora Evelyn you are a wished for child and already a ray of sunshine in our family. We hope that you can grow to be strong yet flowing and flexible like water and loving, serving, and strong like my Grandmom Schollian and Aunt Donna… okay enough cheese 😉 and now for some pictures:

Hospital pics (3/1-3/2):

Meeting big brother (3/2-4):

Photo shoot 3/10:

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