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Davin Month7 & AZ Trip

On Aug 9, the second to last day of me teaching my undergrad class and our nanny’s last day 🙁 — Davin learned to crawl!!! We were very excited! But I was freaking out a little inside that night after our nanny left cause she was awesome and I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with this mobile creature who was ready to destroy our house lol… But we’ve baby proofed a few rooms and he is pretty good at entertaining himself with chewing on shoes and covering himself in dog hair as he goes… I’m trying to tell myself its good for his immune system lol.

Once I finished grading, then Davin & I took our first flight and visited my family in AZ for a week and he turned 7 months while we were there. Luckily we got an extra seat and a nice seatmate on both the flight there and back! But he only took about a 1/2 hour nap instead of the needed 2 hour hap so he was pretty grumpy… we stood by the bathroom for about an hour to keep him from crying lol. And we bought a used double stroller for our nanny share so the airport going back was a bit more tricky.

In AZ we had a fun time swimming in my parents pool and hanging lots with my sister, mom, and extended family on my mom’s side! And Davin Francis got to meet his great grandma Frances! We were having too much fun and forgot to take many pics but got a few:

4Generations2  4Generations     DavinFrancis_AndHis_GreatGrandmaFrances Nana AuntyChelsey2 AuntyChelsey MessyBaby2 MessyBaby 2ndCousins Airport_GoingtoAZ Airport_ComingHome

Davin Month6




July 17th Davin turned 6 months old! His bottom two teeth came through and he started sitting up that week!  He didn’t really ever seem fussy from teething just chewing & drooling lots.




The sad part of that week was he got Hand Foot and Mouth. He got it from the other nanny share baby and then I got it :(. Luckily Ben & the nanny & other parents escaped… I was teaching an undergrad Macroeconomics class in July –  2 hours M-F and was kind of drowning in all the work of teaching and prepping a class for the first time … and then having to stand and teach for 2 hrs when I realized I had like 30+ blisters on the sole of each foot and only had high heel shoes…I was not happy that day … or week :(. Davin had a fever and sore throat for a couple days but luckily not really any blisters.  But he was not happy for a couple nights – since swallowing hurt and he didn’t want to nurse he was up screaming for about 1.5 hrs at a time like 3 times a night :-/ … I wasn’t sure what he was so upset about… “just a fever and sore throat kid”… and then I got it and remembered how achy fevers make you feel :(.

And 6 months + sitting up == time for solids!!!

We tried “Baby Led Weaning” ie just giving them adult food instead of spoon feeding them purees. The first while was mostly playing and not so much eating – sticks of cucumbers, tomatoes (always been a favorite), fruit – peaches, plum, melon, etc and cooked veggie sticks like sweet potatoes & zucchini. We occasionally cheat and spoon feed him food to avoid the mess or if we are out and about give him a puree pouch which he likes too.

Other pics from month 6:

IMG_9489 IMG_9464 IMG_9206 IMG_9487