Monthly Archives: October 2019

Labor Day in DC

After a month of no travel (woot!) Ben went to work at the Treasury Tuesday, 8/27 and then Davin & I flew out to DC Thursday, 8/29. It was nice to have a short flight (vs our previous trips to AZ & CA) and we were lucky to get an extra seat for his car seat both ways which made it really easy.

After getting all our stuff and rental car, I finally convinced Davin to nap in Ben’s hotel and then we had dinner (Indian of course!) with Ben & my friend Becky. Friday Ben worked while Davin and I hung out with some Munyans in VA – went to a petting zoo and then headed over to Ben’s brother’s house where Davin took a long nap. Then we all had pizza and hung out and we made it to an airbnb for the night (I think we kept Davin up to 10pm for the first time lol).

Saturday we drove an hour and a half to my Schollian Grandparent’s home in MD. We had fun hanging out with them, exploring the stream, and trying to help a little for the big 90th Birthday Celebration for my Grandpop on Sunday. My dad and his 4 siblings, all but 3 grandkids, and all 15 great-grandkids (Davin at age 1 to HS senior) made it! It was lots of fun to see everyone! My aunts and uncle put on an awesome party and they did tug of war, a three-legged race, kayaking, zip-lining, and huge fireworks (which Davin said he’d rather watch inside where it is quieter lol). I have lots of fun memories of my sister & I spending some of our summers there and it was a good visit.

Monday Davin&I had fun with my Dad, stepmom, and stepsister at Baugher’s petting zoo while Ben enjoyed some time in the hammock by my grandparents’ stream :). Davin really loved all the tractors and go-carts at the petting zoos and my grandparents… At the Friday petting zoo, I was really confused why he was saying “baby” at the tractors…. At home, he had just learned the word baby when I put some of his baby pictures up and got him a doll the week before but it seemed out of place at the tractors… but then I realized he was saying “beep beep” like in his book Little Blue Truck book :).

Tuesday we flew home and are getting back into the swing of things!

July & August 2019

7/7 – Happy Birthday to Ben! He got a VR headset which has been fun!

7/17 – Happy half birthday to Davin! Time is flying and I can’t believe he is already 18 months! His favorite things are still Dada, puppy (can’t do bedtime stories unless Lena is in the room lol), and his monkeys (paci). He likes swim class and reading books (and finding all the puppies in the books). He still loves to eat and pretend to eat. His favorite book the last few months was Goodnight Gorilla and now it is “Pow Pow” – ie Pout Pout Fish. His words are: Dada, Puppy, Monkey, Hi, Ya, No, yummy yummy, ba (ball), and pow pow (pout pout fish).

Ben had 6 work trips in June&July, so we are glad he got a few weeks at home now!

8/17 – Davin is 19 months! He finally learned the word Mommy!!! Yay!!! His favorite book is “What is Poop?” lol – loves all the flaps (thanks Aunt Donna!). He also loves farm animal books like The Big Red Barn and he loves pointing out all the balloons and moons lol (The Night You Were Born, Goodnight Gorilla, & Goodnight Moon).

He also learned lots of farm animal sounds after we went to the county fair this month (neigh neigh for horse, ba ba for sheep, ma ma for goat (who knew goat kids said the same thing as human kids ;), and moo for cow, and something like duck-duck for duck… he’s been panting for dog for a few months lol).

This summer we had lots of fun outings with daddy – Stoney Brook Farms, Zoo, County Fair, Pool, Science Center, etc. And mom & Davin did lots of play dates with friends – more science center & zoo (memberships are nice!), splash pads, Cheekwood story time houses, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star children’s theater, library story time, Frist Art Museum, Sevier & GH parks, Sevier Tot Time, and friends’ houses!

And mom even gets out with friends once in a while including a fun painting class!