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Summer End Adventures_2020

August we had a fun visit from 3 of Ben’s younger siblings, Sarah(26), John(17), & Jennifer(15),
who live in DC! We had fun canoeing/kayaking, going to the Grand Ole Opry indoor gardens, eating at an aquarium restaurant (1st indoor restaurant since covid!), walking around Shy’s Hill (Civil war cite by our house) and Centennial Park, and did 2 Escape Games (Davin loved it lol)!

Then for Labor Day weekend, Davin & I finally took our trip to AZ (originally booked for February but I kept rebooking for various reasons). It was Davin’s 15th & 16th flights and he did really well! We hadn’t flown since Christmas but he remembered we get pretzels on the plane lol. He doesn’t love using bathrooms outside our house but didn’t have any accidents the whole trip!… altho one day we drove 2 hrs to Payson AZ and held it for 9 hrs to avoid using public restrooms lol :-/. It was still surprisingly hot (110!) but we had fun swimming in my parents’ & cousin’s pool, playing in the stream in Payson, and playing on the playground before 8am … Which was actually doable because Davin didn’t adjust to the time change and woke up every day at 5:30/6am instead of 7:30/8 :-/… he was a bit grumpy some days cause I didn’t get him to bed by 6pm and he missed his nap 3 of 6 days (we survived with with Daniel TIger on the iPad those 3 days lol!) but we had lots of fun and he keeps asking to go back to Nana & Papa’s!

Later in September Davin saw some pics of us camping before he was born and got very excited about that, so we did a one night camping trip. He loved the fire and all the fire food – tin foil dinners (mostly just the hot dog in his lol), lots of marshmallows, and breakfast muffins & sausage! Unfortunately, it was a bit colder than we expected – he slept 3-4 hrs in his pack n play, then got cold (wouldn’t really keep covers on) and so we brought him to our air mattress to warm up w us… he was mostly awake from 1-4am … then finally slept 4-7am… while we were terrified to move and wake him lol… Not surprising he thought it was play time since we have never slept in the same room (much less same bed) since he was like 1 month old … but we might do a cabin instead of a tent next time lol.

And here are some pictures from August/September: Davin & Teddy (nanny share friend) dressing fancy, Canoeing with Teddy’s family, and Cheekwood with Hank!