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We braved the road with both Lena and Davin and took a road trip to visit family the last weekend of June and 4th of July week.



Normally it takes us 12 hrs to get from Nashville to my grandparents in MD, but since that sounded like a bit much for Davin we left Thursday and spent the night in Roanoke, VA. Took about 9 hrs to get there – would have been 7 without Davin lol.  He didn’t sleep as much as normal so he was a bit fussy but he wasn’t terrible. But he and Lena were definitely happy to be out of the car at the end of the day!





Friday afternoon we got to my grandparents and hung out with them, my dad, some aunts & uncles, and cousins that weekend.  Davin enjoyed being the center of attention lol.




G&G_Davin Grandpa&Davin GrandpaTey&Davin2 G&G_Davin3




Then Monday we drove to Snowshoe, WV where Ben’s family rented a house for a little reunion – 12 out of the 15 siblings in his family were there plus his parents, 3 in-laws, and 6 grandkids so it was a full house – Lena even got her fill of attention I think lol.  It was very beautiful and we had lots of fun hanging out with everyone!



Munyans Munyans_NoSmilesLOL MunyanSiblings_Silly MunyanSiblings 6MunyanBros Lena&Davin&Cousins WVSunset WVSunset2 WV_SmokyMtns WV&Lena

Click here for 4th of July family pics of us that we won at the reunion auction – thanks Jill!

Then Saturday, July 7 we hit the road at about 4am so we could get some driving in while Davin was asleep which worked out well and we got home before 2pm! Not the most exciting birthday for Ben, but it was good to be home and we went to a movie the next day to celebrate!