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June 1 – Tey’s Birthday!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I feel so old being 25! But 25 seems like a good year (2+5=7 and 25 is a perfect square so thats good right? ;-)

Saturday Ben & I went to brunch in Eastern Market and walked around the shops/stands. Sunday we went got Indian food (yep you guessed it – Spice 6 ;), and had “cake” – watermelon with a candle and a cupcake :-). I told Ben I didn’t really need any presents, just wanted to hang out. But he came up with some creative presents – below are pics of a really beautiful wood plaque he carved & some cute pillow cases :-) (and chocolate & itunes for my tv shows  :D ). He also got me a big world map that is scratch off – so I can scratch off each place I visit – I still have a whole lot to see!

Teys_bday_wood  Tey_bday

And I made my first batch of freezer jam from our garden strawberries :D



May 2014

I can’t believe May is over already!

Friday, May 16th was our 5th wedding anniversary :-D. We had planned to go to an all  you can eat Brazilian steak house and watch Captain America 2, but Ben wasn’t feeling too great (no sleep + worked too much - grading, going to a conference, working on his own papers…you know the story ;-) so we decided to be more low key and just went to our favorite Indian food place, Spice 6, and got FroYo. Then we took a nap and I picked up my sister at the airport at 2am!

I had a fun with my sister visiting — we did the Ridiculous Obstacle Course 5k, went shopping, ate too much, and hung out with my Grandparents & family in MD! I finally made to Georgetown - where we had brunch at Farmers, Fishers, & Bakers, shopped, and had Russian food at Mari Vanna’s.

ROC_race roc_chelsey

For Memorial Weekend, we had fun having Ben’s family over for a BBQ, games, and archery! And we also watched Captain America and tried Qdoba Mexican food (kind of like Chipotle, but had really good queso) in a post anniversary celebration.

arrow_jacob arrow_dad2

arrow_ben arrow_dad

What else did we do in May? We celebrated Mother’s Day with Ben’s family, went to Chevy’s with the finance phd students, and we had a fun BBQ with some friends – about 14 adults and 12 kids. (I didn’t know bean bags could entertain kids for so long lol!) And the sadness of friends moving away this summer has begun :-(. Lots of coworkers leave each summer (since my RA position is only for 2-3 years) and some friends from church are graduating and moving on to bigger and better things!