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February 2019

Over Valentine’s/President’s weekend we went to AZ! We decided to take advantage of my family and left Davin overnight for the first time while Ben & I hiked the Grand Canyon. Davin and I got there 2/13 to hang out with family and hopefully got Davin warmed up to everyone. Then Ben got there 2/16 and we headed up to the Grand Canyon while Davin stayed with my family for 2 nights (Thank you thank you thank you!!!) – he seems to have lots of fun.

Nana&Davin_Feb18 MommysValentine_Feb14 Grandpa&Davin_Feb15 ChelseyPaul&Davin_Feb18 Chelsey&Davin_Feb16 Chelsey&Davin_Feb14

IMG_7934The Grand Canyon was gorgeous! When we started in the morning we came bundled up with 3-4 layers of socks, gloves, pants, jackets, etc lol and it snowed about 3 inches. But then it cleared up and warmed up – at the bottom it was about 50 degrees and I even went barefoot for a few minutes. We went down South Kaibab trail to Phantom Ranch (7 miles + 2 extra cause we parked far away lol) and then 10 miles back up via Bright Angel trail. We hiked Havasupai (a side canyon of the GC with gorgeous waterfalls) 9 years ago and so we were surprised that this was actually about 2x the elevation change … so a bit steeper than we were thinking. Luckily Bright Angel isn’t nearly as steep as S. Kaibab trail that we came down but it was still slow going. We should have left earlier that morning because the last 4-5 miles got a little scary — it started snowing again (about 3 inches by the time we got to the rim), got very cold, we heard a land slide, and it got dark the last mile :-/. We were very glad to finally get to our car and then hotel and get warmed up! Lesson learned to head out earlier and maybe not do the whole thing in one day if there is a chance of bad weather. But if you haven’t seen the Grand Canyon, and even if you aren’t into a huge hike, doing just 1.4 miles to the Ooh Aah Point on S. Kaibab and back up would be worth it!

IMG_7932 IMG_7936 IMG_7914 IMG_7925 IMG_7940 IMG_1091 IMG_1085 IMG_1083





While we were in AZ Davin turned 13 months!






Davin&Playground_Feb19 Davin&Ben&Slide_Feb19 FunAtNanas_Feb14 EatingAtNanas_Feb14

We officially have a toddler on our hands – he started walking/toddling at 12.5 months! I got him down to nursing just 2-3xs/day before our trip and by the time we got home he was weaned. Happy (and a little sad) for mom. Luckily he finally figured out a straw sippy cup for water right before our AZ trip… now to get him to drink milk out of something other than a bottle. By 13 months Davin started saying some consonants (baba, yaya, mama, dada, etc) and figured out how to do the sign language for “all done” – which is much better than him just screaming when he’s done eating lol.  Some more pics from the last month:

FirstSnow_DontPutMeDown_Jan20 Davin&Dad_Feb9 Hiking_Feb2 Hiking_DavinDadLena_Feb2 Hiking_waterfall_Feb2