Jamaican Pork Stir-Fry

So I’d rather eat food I make than going out so much, I’m even getting tired or my work favorite, Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil Flatbread, and Chipotle :(. I just need more ideas (and time…). If you try any new recipes or have any old favorites I’d love it if you would email it to me & I will try it out and post it to share. Here’s one I made this week (…okay so maybe the only one I made 😉 . I really like the flavor (it is not spicy if you are wondering):

Jamaican Pork Stir-Fry from Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook

1 16-ounce package frozen stir-fry vegetables (carrots, broccoli, snap peas, water chestnuts, etc)
2 tablespoons oil
12 ounces pork stir-fry strips
2 – 3 teaspoons Jamaican jerk seasoning
3/4 cut bottled plus sauce
2 cups hot cooked rice or pasta (I use 1/2 white rice and 1/2 quinoa)
Chopped peanuts (I skip this)

1) In a wok or large skillet cook and stir vegetables in hot oil over medium -high heat for 5-7 minutes or until vegetables are crisp-tender. Remove vegetables from pan.

2) Toss pork strips with Jamaican jerk seasoning until coated; add pork to the pan. Add more oil if necessary, and cook and stir for 2 to 5 minutes or until no pink remains.

3) Add plum sauce to pan. Return veggies to pan and stir (or gently toss) all ingredients to coat. Heat thrugh and serve over rice. Sprinkle with peanuts.

Per 1.25 cups stir-fry + 0.5 cups rice: 445 calories, 14 grams fat, 54 g carbs, 24 g protein.

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