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A New Adventure

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It’s been a fun 8+ years with just Ben & me (& Lena this last year!). People say we should sleep while we can. But when I think of the last 8 years, we’ve had lots nights with little sleep (especially Ben) and lots of adventures. Starting as poor students in MD where Ben did his PhD and I finished my bachelors – we bought a fixer upper and spent a crazy summer making the basement into a little apartment for us to live so we could rent out the main floor – quite a few nights up til midnight doing drywall (Ben’s mom doesn’t quit! he must get that from her) and then lots of late nights for Ben working on his 1st year paper that he didn’t get to work on all summer and lots of late nights for him the rest of his PhD. And now in TN, where Ben has a great job (but still lots of late nights :-/ ) and I’m working on a PhD so a few for me too. We bought our second house last year – not so much stress of fixing stuff but Ben has had lots of fun setting his workshop up. And we’ve also had some less stressful adventures – traveling in the US for finance/econ conferences or to see family and a few fun trips abroad! And a few camping & hiking trips here and there. But we’ve had lots of fun being home a bit more this last year with Lena and I’m sure this little one will bring us lots more adventures even if it means less sleeping in on weekends :-/.

Ben & Tey trips: Bahamas, England, France, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Finland, Iceland, US: AZ, UT, WY,  IL, OH, SD, FL, NM, NV, CA, NY, NC, Puerto Rico, TN, LA, MA, MD, VA

Just Teyanna: Italy, Turkey, AZ, MD

Just Ben… all for work: Canada, Austria, Germany, PA, WA, SC, GA, NY, IL, MO, MA, CA, DC

We’ve had lots of fun travels! But I think we have gotten a bit of our travel bug out for now (especially Ben who’s tired of work travel (at least 15 trips in 2017!)… maybe this will be an excuse to stay home more next year). But we still will have a guest room and Nashville is pretty cool so come visit us!