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AZ Thanksgiving Trip

Ben & I had a fun quick trip back to AZ to see friends & family! Last time we were in AZ for Thanksgiving was 2008!  Thanksgiving Day was with Teyanna’s mom’s family – 44 of us total! (Teyanna’s Grandma Memmott, 5 out of her 8 kids, 21/33 grandkids (Teyanna’s the oldest), and 5/5 great-grandkids!).

21MemmottGrandkids&5GreatGrandKids_v2 21MemmottGrandkids&5GreatGrandKids NanitaMemmot&GrandpaBert NanitaMemmott_Pinata Pinata NanitaMemmott MemmottTran_v2 MemmottTrain

Chelsey also hosted a baby shower at her new house (see pics here).




And we got to see Teyanna’s oldest 2 stepbrothers at her niece’s baptism.



StephenFamily Ben&Tey TeyMomChels Sisters_TeyChelsey


And of course some pics of Chelsey’s dogs 🙂 (Her 3 plus she’s dog sitting the dark lab in a harness!)

Chelseys3Dogs_plusAnExtra_v2 Chelseys3Dogs_plusAnExtra

Baby Showers


Thanks to Erin & Kristine to hosting a fun surprise baby shower a couple weeks ago! Teyanna’s economic PhD cohort has a dinner club each month and everyone (including Ben… I was wondering why he was okay getting there before me lol) knew this one was a surprise shower except me :)! #BestCohortEver!

HostessesErin&Kristine EconShower


BabyShowerCarriage  EconShower2 EconOnesies DiaperLOLs2 DiaperLOLsMaybeInACoupleYrs




And then Teyanna’s sister threw a fun shower at her new house while we were in AZ with the Memmott ladies and a couple of Teyanna’s HS friends! (And Ben got to shoot clay pigeons for the first time with Tey’s uncles during that :).




TeyCelesta HostessChelsey

Sorry I didn’t get many pics with people at either, but thanks for all the words of wisdom, fun, & gifts!