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Christmas 2016 PS



I loved the pics my friend took for us (check out Stephanie Chambers Photography on FB)! If you didn’t get a Christmas card and want one next year send me your address 🙂 We always end up with extras but not much time with finals to think about who to send them to.



StandingByFrontDoor SittingByFrontDoor-LenaSmileForTheTreatButPleaseDontRunOverThere SittingByFrontDoor_upClose ChristmasTreeWithLena


Christmas 2016

The day before my last final Ben got home from a trip to NYC, where he’s presented a paper and Pinatais working on getting some data. He had someone give his finals while he was gone and got to work grading when he got back.  The day after my last final I headed to AZ to see my family and was there Thursday-Tuesday the weekend before Christmas. It was great to see my mom & stepdad, see Chelsey & Paul and their new place, and see lots of my cousins (and their kids are getting so big!), uncles&aunts, & Nanita & Grandpa Bert and do our fun Memmott Christmas party with the pinata, nativity, gift game, and lots of Mexican food! And Ben skyped in for our little family name exchange with my mom & stepdad and Chelsey&Paul. 🙂 We missed Kyle & Andrew and I’ll have to make a longer trip next time so we can see my older step brothers who live a bit farther away. (oops didn’t take many pics in AZ)

ChelseysChristmasPresent Mom&Daughters_MomsPresent

Then on the Tuesday I flew home, Ben flew to DC to present at the Federal Reserve Board, and I drove 10 hours out to DC with Lena on Thursday Dec 22. Lena was a pretty good passenger but I missed having Ben and was done driving by the time I got to his parents house in VA, but he drove the last 2 hours to my grandparents house in MD. We hung out with my dad and grandparents & uncles&aunts in MD that weekend and did Christmas morning with them and went to church with them where my Grandpop spoke. Then we drove over to Ben’s parents house for Christmas dinner(I think 10/15 kids made it this year! plus we got to skype with his sister who is in Panama) and spent the night. Monday I got to have lunch with a friend at my favorite Indian place and Ben snuck off to work for a bit and then we drove back to my G&Gs for the Schollian Christmas party and white elephant game.

RoadTrip_Lena&Champ&ChismNaughty&Nice Chism&Lena AuntDonna&UncleReed ChismPleasePlayWithMe WhoDoesn'tNeedANewKnife MunyanChristmasDinnerSanta_Tey&Ben&Lena&ChismSanta&LenaChristmasTree_B&T&LenaDad&Tey_StarWarsChristmasEveGrandpop&GrandmomSchollianSchollianCousinsSchollianParty

ColdBeachTimeTuesday morning we were off to North Carolina where Ben’s parents rented a beautiful beach house, and luckily got to have lunch with Ben’s uncle & aunt & cousin in Richmond, VA on the way! We hung out in NC until we went home on Friday Dec 30.


We had lots of fun seeing everyone and Lena had fun playing with lots of other dogs :). We then had a few days at home and had a fun game night NY’s Eve.

Finally, Ben & I went to Chicago (and left Lena at the doggy daycare overnight for the first time 🙁 lol) Jan 5-8 for the ASSA conference where Ben presented a paper and helped interview people to potentially join the Vanderbilt finance faculty and I went to a bunch of health economics seminars. It was much colder than my AZ bones were used to but it was fun to see some old friends and hear some interesting stuff. And then we were back in the races – January 9 school started for me again and Ben was back at doing research (Ben doesn’t teach until after spring break in March)!




Hope everyone had a good holiday and happy New Year and got a little break to relax and be with friends and family!