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At Davin’s 2 month appointment he weighed 12 pounds 13 ounces, and was in 75th percentile for weight and 90 percentile for length and head size!




2MonthsA 2Months



He got his first bath at 5 wks old thanks to my cousin Juleen – she’s a NICU nurse so gave us a professional how-to :). (I know we are a little slow lol but his cord didn’t fall off til 4 wks old?)





IMG_8337This month we kicked Davin out of our room – down the hall to his crib. He stopped liking the pack n play napper and were using the flat pack n play bassinet, but he was keeping us awake too much – even when he was sleeping he made lots of noises and Ben kept checking on him. He did pretty well in his crib at night and still woke up to eat – day or night – every 3 hrs to eat. He seemed to get over the cluster feeding in the evening but instead was sometimes really gassy and would just fuss and cry for an hour :(. Gas drops and gripe water didn’t help, I tried going off dairy, we got probiotic drops, and finally about 10 weeks old he stopped being fussy at night and we could put him to bed by 8-9pm. I think his tummy finally just grew up a bit.

SleepyDaddyWhen he was about 7 weeks old and 11-12 lbs we tried to start getting him to only wake up 2xs at night instead of three times between the 7pm and 7am feedings (10pm, 1am, 4am). Ben was really good about getting up with him for an hour or so every night to help him go back to sleep and only have 2 feedings instead of 3 (3 was killing me… cause I never got to sleep more than 90ish minutes at a time). Finally about 10 weeks he was down to just 2 night feedings – about midnight & 4am which was much more doable for me and Ben didn’t have to get up at night much after that!


We even ventured out of the house a bit this month – went on a hike (which Lena loved), had a Bradley class reunion, and got pizza while Davin slept :D!

HeadingOutForFirstHikeB HeadingOutForFirstHike

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