We had a fun visit from my mom & stepdad February 2 – 13!   My mom made us lots of good dinners and we had fun watching This Is Us while I nursed Davin in the evenings.  My mom helped us sort a bunch of clothes my friend gave us and do a photo shoot! Even if it didn’t turn out exactly pinterest perfect, it was fun and we got lots of cute shots :).



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IMG_8028 IMG_7992

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0046 0036 0035 0034 0033 0032 1MonthB 1MonthA



Then Ben’s parents and youngest 2 siblings visited Feb 17 – 19 for a fun weekend!

MunyansB MunyansC

















Having family here to keep me company, Ben escaped to get a bit of woodworking in and finished the changing table – it turned out so cute and the yellow decal on the side that he carved has 7 petals :-)! He also learned how to use his lathe and made a couple bowls. Also notice the ABC cross stitch on the wall is something my Grandmom Schollian (my dad’s mom) made for me when I was a baby :-).


IMG_7967   IMG_8295

And lots more pics of our cutie the first month:

IMG_8309 IMG_8026 IMG_7987 IMG_7973 IMG_7980 IMG_7978 0028 0027 IMG_8013

The first month we tried to get him in a routine of Eat Play (mostly skipped this part lol) Sleep every 3 hours. He slept in our room in the pack n play napper insert (see pic above).  Week three was a little rough for me (lots of tears :-/) cause I thought I’d be back to getting stuff done – maybe working on school stuff a bit… but I was barely getting a shower in every other day lol… Basically we stayed up kind of late cause Davin seemed to want to eat and fuss all evening from like 7-11. Then if I was in bed from 11pm- 11am/noon I’d get about 6-7 hours of sleep between feedings lol.  But it was nice to have my mom to keep me extra company that week and once I gave up some expectations it was more manageable lol.

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