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July 2014

This summer is going by so fast!

The last weekend in June, after we got back from our Europe/CA trips, we went camping just the 2 of us :). It was fun to just hang out after not seeing each other for so long! We went up to by Catoctin Mountain/Cunningham Falls in northern MD, and camped Saturday night. We brought the air mattress, made tin foil dinners, s’mores, hiked a bit, and swam at Cunningham Falls. On our way home on Sunday, we stopped and had dinner at Olive Garden with my Grandma & Grandpa Schollian, and 2 aunts and uncles :).

The next weekend was 4th of July and Ben’s birthday! On Friday the 4th, we went and had dinner at Ben’s parents house and did some little fireworks outside. Sunday I did a little surpriseĀ  phdkitparty w some friends for Ben where we had cake and ice-cream and games (I think it was an actual surprise – thanks to everyone who came!). And Monday 7/7, we went to dinner after work at a Brazilian steak house, Fogo de Chao. Ben LOVED it, I’m not a huge meat lover, but I thought it was pretty good :). Then when we got home, we saw a “PhD Survival Kit” his family left, so we called them and since they were only 20 minutes out, they turned around and had ice cream with us :).

Also on Sunday, July 6, an old high school friend, Raila, was visiting from AZ, and she went to church with me then hung out afterwards and we had dinner a couple nights later with another HS friend who is living in DC, Jenell. We went to Zatinya – a Turkish & Greek restaurant. It was better than a lot of the food I tried in Turkey lol and I liked lamb for the first time when we tried their lamb meatballs. It is always fun seeing old friends!

On Saturday, July 19, my Aunt Donna planned a little dinner at our house with my G&G Schollian, and Uncle Ron & Aunt Debbie. They brought a delicious dinner and cake to celebrate Ben and Debbie’s bdays, and I tortured them with playing Munchkin lol.



On Friday, July 25, I took off work and we went down to Busch Gardens in VA with Ben’s mom and 6 of his younger siblings, which was a lot of fun :)!


Other than that, Ben is just trying to work work work to finish his dissertation, and I’m busy at work training new people and what not. We’ve gotten a few tomatoes from our garden (and I made salsa!) . Our blueberry bushes didn’t produce much this year, our raspberries just had a few berries, but our blackberry bushes had quite a few berries! I had fun using them to make purple milkshakes šŸ™‚ (blackberries, frozen strawberries & mango, milk, stevia).

salsaĀ blackberries