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Davin Francis Munyan

Davin Francis Munyan
written by Teyanna, your mom, on 1/26/3028


Born 1/17/2018 11:12 pm (due 1/28/2018)
7 lbs 14.5 ounces; 19 inches long;
Apgar Score 9,9; 100% adorable!

*7th* Munyan Grandkid (#8 born 1/27!)
1st Grandkid for Tey’s mom & dad, 9th Stephens Grandkid (Tey’s stepdad)


Your dad and I are very excited to have you join our family! Only a few days and its been a new adventure – with not very much sleep, but lots of adorable smiles & faces to keep us going :).  See lots of pics at the bottom and see his birth story here.

Story Behind Your Name: We finally agreed on a name a few days before you were born :).  While we were brainstorming names, your dad found the name Davin and we really liked all the meanings behind it.  It means “beloved/dearly loved” in Hebrew & French, “intelligent” in Norse, and in Scandinavian & Swedish means “shining, bright Finn/Pride of the Finns.”  (We love those 1st two meanings and your dad lived in Finland for 2 years so he kind of like that last one too.) My only reservation with it was that it’s a little unusual but hopefully having to say “Davin, like Gavin with a D” or “Davin, like Dallin with v” won’t bug you too much ;-). But only a few days old and you really are dearly loved!

For your middle name, we decided on Francis, after my maternal Grandmother, Frances Rae Wilson Memmott, who was named after her maternal grandfather Francis McDonald.  I like that your great-grandma Frances is a very loving person who sees the good in others and loves to learn.   While we are not Catholic, I also like the Pope Francis for his concern for the poor. We want you to remember while intelligence is a great attribute and it is good to always be learning, compassion and concern for others especially those less fortunate than you is also an important attribute.  My favorite book in high school was The Chosen by Chaim Potok — the main character is brilliant and one quote that stuck out to me was the main character’s dad: “I went away and cried to the Master of the Universe, “What have you done to me? A mind like this I need for a son? A heart I need for a son, a soul I need for a son, compassion I want from my son…not a mind without a soul!”  So while remember, regardless of your other talents, compassion and concern for others is an important characteristic to have and that all of us can develop.

Finally, I liked that the 12th century Saint Francis is the Patron Saint of Animals & the Environment – which reminds me of my paternal grandparents, Dorothy Ervina Shanklin Schollian and James Joseph Schollian who are great lovers of animals.  They always have a dog, cat, fish, & horses and many hummingbirds, woodpeckers, squirrels and deer that come near the house for the food they leave for them. I have many memories visiting their farm growing up.  Its important to respect & take care of the earth and our responsibility to take care of the animals in our environment, especially ones that can’t take care of themselves like our pets or wild animals that are being negatively impacted by humans.  Hopefully you and our dog, Lena, will be good friends in a couple years :-).

Good job if you read that saga :), now for lots and lots of pics!!!

Hospital Pics:

JustBorn_MomGettingStitchUp_Jan17 JustBorn_wDad JustBorn_MomsComingBacktoLife Newborn_Hospital TiredDad_Baby+TinyHospitalCot_Jan19 Hospital_Jan19_wMom




Hospital Photo Shoot







Hospital_Jan19b Hospital_Jan19c

Hospital_Jan19dHospital_Jan19_wDadHospital_Jan19aHospital_Jan19_hands Hospital_Jan19e





Going Home!





GoingHomeFromHospital_wDad_Jan20 GoingHomeFromHospital_wMom_Jan20






First Week Home




Jan23_bigEyes Jan23_OFace Jan23_Plotting Jan23_Escaped!Jan24_MilkDrunkJan25_Thanx4theSwaddleAfton!Jan26_SmileJan26_OFace

And of course some of Lena! She’s been pretty calm around Davin and me which is nice. At first she was pretty cautious maybe thought he was a weird toy lol. Now she’s getting more curious.  Normally she never chooses to hang out upstairs with me (like when I work in the office) but she likes hanging in the nursery sometimes :).

LenaHangingInTheNursery_Jan22e LenaHangingInTheNursery_Jan22d LenaHangingInTheNursery_Jan22c LenaHangingInTheNursery_Jan22a LenaHangingInTheNursery_Jan22b


Davin’s Birth Story

by Teyanna, Davin’s mom

Be warned. Not for those easily grossed out discussing birth details…

I decided I wanted to try for a natural birth without an epidural and as few interventions as possible. One because I just don’t like needles, hospitals, doctors etc and get kind of anxious with all of that. I toughened up for this pregnancy but the previous blood test I had before pregnancy I blacked out.  Even as a kid, I remember in 1st grade I had to be bribed with a popsicle after to go into the doctor and then my dad had to make balloons out of the doctor’s gloves to keep me from crying lol. Second, from reading lots and hearing too many horror stories, I didn’t like the risks of interventions – it seemed epidurals could give you migraines or back pain the year after and you can’t feel how to push and are more likely to tear down there.  Being induced with pitocin makes contractions a lot more intense so they hurt more and the baby is more likely to not like it and then need a c-section. Luckily all the Nashville hospitals and birth centers have laughing gas which I was okay with since there are no side effects and no needles :).  But of course it only takes the edge off not like an epidural or anything. So Ben and I decided to take a Bradley method class – it was 8 3-hour classes so a pretty big time commitment but we felt like it did a pretty good job educating us and getting us prepared. Three of the other 5 couples had their babies before us – all 1st babies and vaginal deliveries with no epidurals, 2 got pitocin and at least 1 didn’t tear at all, so we had high hopes that we’d also go somewhat according to plan!

Davin was due 1/28, some of us made guesses on when he’d arrive.  Ben’s sister was due also on 1/30 and whoever had theirs first was Munyan grandkid #7, so of course I was hoping for that but Ben & I had some work and baby projects we were still working on so I was telling Davin to wait for 1/27.  But my mom had both my sister & I two weeks early so my mom kept telling me get prepared ASAP!  On Tuesday 1/16 there was a little snow but knowing our time for dates was limited we ventured to go out to dinner at Green Hills Grille just a couple blocks away.  I was feeling a little uncomfortable around my pelvis but figured maybe this was just him “dropping” which could still mean he was a couple weeks away.  I’d also lost all/part? of my mucus plug a couple days earlier but again that could still mean baby is a couple weeks away.  I’m not sure what Braxton Hicks contractions are supposed to feel like so idk if I ever had those this pregnancy?

Well dinner was going great and we were waiting for dessert when my water broke 8-|, it was 8 pm.  Our night just got much more exciting. Generally speaking, doctors want you in labor and close to having a baby within 24 hours of your water breaking because they don’t want to risk infection in the uterus for mom & baby. For my mom’s first birth (me!) her water broke at 10 pm and she had me at 5 am. So it was go time!  The restaurant gave us the dessert to go, we paid, they gave us a gift card when we told them & asked for a towel lol, and we headed home. At least I was wearing black pants so you couldn’t really tell :-/.  At home we started packing our hospital bag, installing the car seat, etc ASAP.. Ben drove to Vandy to get a couple work things and his oil diffuser (we wanted to help make a peaceful birth environment lol) and drove by the Vandy hospital to see where we would park…ya I know maybe we shouldn’t have procrastinated those things so long.

By 11:30 pm we were set and figured we’d better get some sleep. But of course that’s when contractions started so no sleep for us that night. At midnight they were coming about every 5 minutes and they lasted all night coming about every 4-7 minutes. We’d lay on the bed between trying to rest, then I’d stand up for each contraction and Ben would help me get thru it. We were trying to wait until I was dilated to a 6-7 cm (need to be 10 cm to have a baby) til we left for the hospital since labor at home is nicer than at the hospital.  The sign for that usually is that contractions are 1 minute long and coming every 3 minutes.  Well by 5 am they were about 4-5 minutes apart and almost a minute long and getting really intense so we decided to head in to the hospital.  We got there about 5:30/6 am and I was dilated to a about 5.5 cm. So not bad.  We got our room and let our doula know she should come join us. Well contractions kept coming and at some point we got some laughing gas that would help take the edge of the contractions and Ben kept helping me thru contractions. By about 10 am they said I was about 7 cm dilated.

Decent progress, but I was kind of expecting a baby to be here by now so getting a little frustrated.  I’d been drinking tons of juice & water this whole time but could not pee no matter how long I tried and sat there on the toilet – and contractions weren’t great in that position plus no laughing gas in the bathroom.  So they decided maybe my bladder was blocking progress and I should get a catheter.  This made me kind of anxious but I just focused on the laughing gas and kind of zoned out while they did that – it was like I couldn’t see or hear anything except Ben’s face sometimes.  I survived it, they got 3 cups(!) of urine, and took out the catheter… But still no progress.  I walked, lunged, rolled on the exercise ball, did squats, dance party and made out with Ben (oxytocin’s supposed to help progress labor 😉 to try to get things progressing faster but no dice. They said it looked like his head was turned in a bad/awkward way (left occiput transverse) that might be keeping me from progressing so our doula had me try a downward dog type position and lunges and swaying to hopefully move him but it didn’t seem to help.

Finally about 4 pm they told us we should consider getting induced with pitocin. We were getting close to 24 hours from my water breaking and I was tired and couldn’t last forever so we decided to get pitocin – they started with a low dose and upped it each hour. But unfortunately after a couple hours nothing had really progressed.  The midwives next idea was that maybe my pelvis was just super tight and maybe getting an epidural would make it all relax and be able to progress.  I wasn’t excited about this but we didn’t see what choices we had left so we did it.  Again I tried to focus on the laughing gas and Ben’s face and kind of zone out while they put that in :-/. Maybe I was more tired or just used to pain by now but it wasn’t as bad as getting the catheter.

They started it low dose so hopefully I could still move my legs and feel when to push etc.  I got a pain free catheter this time :).  They upped the pitocin to the highest level and it was kind of nice to lay down and rest and not feel the contractions for a bit.  But after a couple hours – by about 10 pm, I was only 7.5/8 cm dilated and baby was starting to react poorly to contractions and I had to be put on oxygen.  So our midwife (who was awesome btw) told us is wasn’t an emergency but we were past 24 hours of my water being broke thus increasing the chance for infection, I was exhausted, baby wasn’t reacting well to contractions now, and they weren’t really sure what else to do get me to dilate all the way, so they recommended a c-section.  So we went ahead and started getting ready for that.

Again not liking the idea of getting cut open, especially while still awake :-/.  I emphasized I really didn’t want to feel them cut me open and they said they were going to up the epidural and I’d feel pressure but no pain.  Well I think they really upped it and I didn’t feel pressure or anything but I think that combined with my nerves made me shake convulsively (from the belly button up where I wasn’t numb) and my neck and jaw were so tight and hurting.  Ben was dressed up in scrubs but there wasn’t much he could do but rub my neck.  Within a half hour baby Davin was born at 11:12 pm on 1/17 and Ben went with him to the NICU.  They have a 1 visitor in the operating room rule but luckily we really pushed and they let our doula come in when Ben left and it was nice to have her there rubbing my neck.  Honestly, even though this was pain free (for the belly down – which I’m thankful for! I’ve had friends who weren’t numbed enough and started screaming when they cut into them), it was the worst part of the day.  It took a lot longer for them to sew me up than it did for them to get him out and I thought I’d never stop shaking and maybe my jaw would lock up or something.

Finally about 1am we were back in our room and I got to hold Davin and try to nurse him. At first I was like no, I’m shaking so bad I don’t think I can but while I was holding him I stopped shaking and life got a lot better :-).

So overall, we didn’t get the birth we planned and prepared for but everyone is healthy and so far no terrible side effects. I’m glad we did everything we did so I don’t have any regrets or wondering “if only we’d  tried …” and all the midwives, nurses, and doctors at Vandy were really great.

We stayed at the hospital 3 nights … it was nice to have food and pills brought to me but lots of people checking in every hour and Ben had the tiniest hospital cot plus a newborn so not much sleep for anyone. About 3-4 hours after Davin was born, 3-4 the next night, and finally the last night we sent Davin to the nursery between feedings and got about 4-5 hours!  The first day Davin was super sleepy – probably wearing off the epidural drugs in his system and didn’t want to nurse.  He also spit up lots of amniotic fluid all day since with c-sections they don’t get it all squished out of them. The second day he finally started to nurse a little but wasn’t into sleeping so much. They were a little worried about his weight because he went from 7 lbs 14 oz at birth to 7 lbs when we left on 1/20. At the pediatrician on 1/22 he was still 7 lbs but today (1/27) they said he is back up to 7 lbs 10 oz! So doing pretty good now :).

I was on Vicodin and ibuprofen the first week after the c-section and then just ibuprofen and am doing pretty good. Ben was the most awesome birth coach and at home has been awesome bringing me food so I don’t have to go down the stairs to the kitchen, changed all the diapers the first week (now I’m getting my share ;), feeding Davin a bottle at night if Davin is “cluster feeding” and I am just too tired to nurse any more, being a pro swaddler, and having Davin’s bassinet on his side of the bed to calm him if he wakes (its kind of hard for me to sit up still w my incision plus at least Ben gets 45ish minutes of peaceful sleep when I nurse lol).  We are super lucky that he gets to be on parental leave right now so we can figure this out together.

Anyways, it was a crazy adventure but we are slowly adjusting and learning this whole parent thing!

Christmas 2017



This year we stayed home for a quiet Christmas in Nashville :). The last 8 years we’ve always gone to both AZ & DC around Christmas to see both of our families (I think Ben ditched me for the AZ trip 2 of the yrs when he was super busy with work) – that has been lots of fun but not always very relaxing. It was a much needed stay-cation for us to relax and a good chance to get baby stuff organized!





Lena loves shredding paper so opening presents was pretty fun for her lol. We did a huge google hang out with Ben’s family – his sister who’s a LDS missionary in Poland, and someone in every US time zone! And also talked to my fam, made lots of yummy food for ourselves, and of course like every good stay-cation took a nap :).




Christmas_Lena3 Christmas_Lena5 Christmas_Lena2















I’m bad at keeping track of addresses, so if you didn’t get a Christmas card and want one next year please send me your address :)! Hope everyone had a good Christmas and is having a great new year!

2017 Christmas card ChristmasCard_back