Christmas 2017



This year we stayed home for a quiet Christmas in Nashville :). The last 8 years we’ve always gone to both AZ & DC around Christmas to see both of our families (I think Ben ditched me for the AZ trip 2 of the yrs when he was super busy with work) – that has been lots of fun but not always very relaxing. It was a much needed stay-cation for us to relax and a good chance to get baby stuff organized!





Lena loves shredding paper so opening presents was pretty fun for her lol. We did a huge google hang out with Ben’s family – his sister who’s a LDS missionary in Poland, and someone in every US time zone! And also talked to my fam, made lots of yummy food for ourselves, and of course like every good stay-cation took a nap :).




Christmas_Lena3 Christmas_Lena5 Christmas_Lena2















I’m bad at keeping track of addresses, so if you didn’t get a Christmas card and want one next year please send me your address :)! Hope everyone had a good Christmas and is having a great new year!

2017 Christmas card ChristmasCard_back

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