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Fall 2018

September 17th – Davin turned 8 months old! This month he figured out how to feed himself cheerios and other small stuff like beans. He loves solids and really likes feeding himself! He is still crawling all over and pulling himself up to stand on stuff :-). Sadly we got a couple colds and an ear infection, probably from his Monday/Friday daycare :-/. Ben finally convinced me to do a little bit of CIO (Cry it out) to get him to go back to waking up 1x/night instead of 2… (he was doing just once a night for month 5 then went back to getting up 2xs at like 1 & 4 am). About 60-90 minutes of sadness the first night but then slept much better after that! We had to do it again after each of the 2 colds unfortunately but it is very nice getting up only once!

GuessWeNeedANewEndTable_Aug12 ClimgingStairs_Aug27 StandingInCrib_Sep1 IntoEverything_Aug27 LovingFoodTime_Sep22 Davin&Lena_Sep13

Pumpkins2_Sep22 Pumpkins5_Sep22 Pumpkins6_Sep22 Pumpkins3_Sep22 Pumpkins7_Sep22 Pumpkins9_Sep22 Picnic_Sep22 Pumpkins4_Sep22




Oct 7 -10,              my cousin Afton visited; we had fun walking around Hermitage – President Andrew Jackson’s plantation, Bicentennial Park, Radnar Lake, and Broadway.

October 17th – Davin turned 9 months old! This month he learned how to clap and kind of does high fives and makes kissy sounds. He’s kind of figuring out drawers and cupboards which is scary lol. He also started really liking his monkey pacifier… I think us traumatizing him by trying to get his boogers out did it lol :-/.

LovesTheShoes_Oct4 FridgeClimber_Oct5DaycareFun_Oct5 DaycareFriend_Oct5 DavinInABox_Oct14 9Months_Oct17

Oct 19 – 24, my sister Chelsey visited! We had lots of fun walking Lena, going to Cheekwood, and taking lots of pics. Davin & Lena helped us win the owner/pet costume contest at Cheekwood lol. Chelsey also dyed my hair pink for the week… it didn’t end up as pink ask I hoped but you can kind of see it in the park pictures.

ParkStairs_Oct23 Park_Oct23 Davin&Lena1_Oct23 Davin&Lena3_Oct23 Park_TeyChelsDavin_Oc23 Park_TeyDavin_Oct23 Cheekwood_ChelsTeyDavin_Oct24 Cheekwood_TeyDavin2_Oct24 Cheekwood_TeyDavin_Oct24 CheekwoodPumpkins_Oct24




We also had fun dressing up on Halloween and walking around the neighborhood and my friends also gave Davin a Pikachu outfit which was cute :).




Cheekwood_CostumeContest_Oct21 Cheekwood_Costumes_Oct21 Supers_Oct21 SuperBaby_Oct21 SuperHalloween_Oct31 SuperGirlSuperBabyWonderDog_Oct31 PikachuWithMom_Oct30 PikachuWithDad_Oct30 PikachuTail_Oct26 PikachuInThePool_Oct28

FuzzyHat_Nov8November 17th Davin turned 10 months old! This month Davin started sleeping through the night  (by himself woot! glad we didn’t have to do any more CIO!). He sleeps all 11 hours about half the time, and wakes up 1x to eat half the time. Very exciting for mom! Davin is still crawling everywhere and into everything! We should lock more drawers soon to avoid squished fingers & messes. He cruises along furniture once in a while if a remote or something catches his eye (remotes and phones are his favorite toys even the ones that don’t work lol). He got another cold this month (3rd one :-/), a little fussy but so far hasn’t ruined his sleep which is nice. And the little fussiness might also be due to teething — Davin got 2 teeth right when he turned 6 months and it looks like he got 6 more in November!  … And Davin rolled down our wooden stairs :(… very traumatizing for mom (who thought the gate was closed but will always double check now!). Luckily Davin only cried for a minute or two… and then went straight back for the stairs so I guess he forgot or wasn’t too traumatized. And this month our nanny share friend is finally getting used to our house, the first month or two she wasn’t sure about :).

NannyShareFriend_Nov1 NannyShareFriend_Oct18


November 17th – Davin & I flew to AZ! Ben joined on Nov 21 and we all flew home together Nov 24. It sadly got pretty cold in November here in TN (in the past it hasn’t gotten cold til the of December here in Nashville) so we enjoyed some warmer weather in AZ and enjoyed seeing lots of family there. We told my mom we were coming just 8 days ahead of time – on her 60th birthday! And while I was there we got to take my grandma out to lunch for her 81st birthday!  Didn’t take too many pics but we had fun with my mom & stepdad, sister & BIL, lots of cousins, aunt&uncles, and got to see my stepbrother who was visiting from Utah! The big Memmott Thanksgiving meal we didn’t take a pic this year but lots of people like last year – my grandma,  4 of her 8 kids, 16 of 33 grandkids, and 6 of 8 great grandkids!

AZTractor_Nov21 AZPettingZoo_Nov21Grandpapa&Davin_Thanksgiving_Nov22 GrandpapaNana&Davin_Nov24 Grandpapa&Davin_Nov24 Nana&Davin_Nov24

Davin thought the flight was too exciting to sleep – for both flights he didn’t fall asleep until the last 10-20 minutes even tho he was exhausted and past his nap time when we took off.  We got a seat for his car seat which was nice and definitely nice to have Ben on the flight home!

FlatIron1On Thanksgiving morning my sister was awesome to babysit Davin, and Ben&I hiked FlatIron – a 7 mile hike in the Superstition Mountains where we got engaged – 10 years ago this January! It is very steep and lots of climbing up and down boulders – guess I need to work out a bit more cause I was quite sore this time! But it was lots of fun!


FlatIron2 FlatIron_Tey FlatIron_Ben FlatIron_Tey&Ben




Also while I was there, my mom & Nanita were awesome to babysit Davin while I got me hair done!  Before & after pictures below:





HairBefore NewHair_After

Nice job if you read that whole thing! Hope everyone had a good fall & Thanksgiving!