Spring & Summer 2020

aka the time of COVID… Ben teaches classes in Quarters 2 & 4 and Q4 starts in March after spring break. He got to teach the first class live and then everything got moved online for the semester. Davin’s preschool he goes to 2 days/week was closed March – August… and beyond? … we shall see! Teyanna taught undergrad Macro 101 in June and that got moved online as well. We’ve appreciated the short commute of working from home but have gotten a little cooped up. Davin has still had a nanny share so at least he has usually had a friend to socialize with a few days a week thru that! March – May was pretty much just being home and going to play in a stream 1-2x/week (parks are even closed). Starting late June, some stuff started to open up again in Nashville, and Davin loved going to the Zoo & Cheekwood (gardens & trains)!

While stuck at home, we decided to potty train Davin in April (27 months old) and he did really good! Almost too good – I was hoping to still wear diapers for nap & bedtime, but he didn’t want to wear one for nap (so we get to deal with wet sheets some days) and for a month he would wake up at night to go potty… but he has since decided diapers are ok at night and we all get to sleep better (guess we will “night train” sometime in the next year, after we figure out how to get rid of the pacifier lol). By about 27-28 months Davin also knew all his colors (purple is still his definite favorite!), counts to 10, is very sweet with hugs & kisses, and tries to prolong bedtime as long as possible lol.

Fun days:

Easter – Davin loved finding easter eggs filled with snacks and little dinosaurs!

April 23: Lena turned 4! Davin & his nanny share friend, Holland, were so happy to sing to her and have peanut butter sandwiches with sprinkles lol

And at the end of April, we ended out nanny share with Holland as she is home with her mom & new little brother. Davin has loved playing with her 2-3 days/week since August 2018! Luckily they only live one block away so we still see them a bit!

May 10 – Mother’s Day: Davin was so cute saying “Happy Mother’s Day!” , Ben made a delicious breakfast, & I took Davin&Lena to the stream!

May 16: 11 year anniversary! got a sitter for the day and drove 2 hrs to some beautiful waterfalls! Burgess Falls and Twin Falls at Rock Island State Park. Even got to swim!

June 1: Tey’s bday – Ben made a delicious breakfast & we took Davin canoeing for the first time! We all loved it and went again with a neighbor friend 2 weeks later!

June 13: Went to Cheekwood (gardens and trains) for the first time in months! We went with Davin’s friend Juni – they live 2 blocks from us and did nanny share with us in May-June while Juni’s daycare was closed. We also had fun having a sleepover with their family when their power went out for a almost a week and it got cold one night – yay for game night while the kids slept!

June 21: Father’s Day – went to the zoo for the first time in months!

July 4 & 7 – For Ben’s birthday (7/7) he wanted to have some friends over we hadn’t seen since March. And the day that worked happened to be 4th of July so we had a fun outdoor BBQ – Davin loved the food, sparklers, fireworks, and following all the big kids around. He also requested Dad have a “choo choo cake” (like Davin’s bday cake back in January) so Ben obliged lol. On 7/7 we got some take-out tacos.

7/5 Tey turned in her grades for the 5-week Macro 101 class she taught online! She had fun teaching but glad that crazy month is done!

7/7-7/10 – Grandpa Schollian visited! Tey’s Dad, stepmom Melanie, & stepsister Brianna got here late on 7/7 after a long 12 hr drive from Maryland! On 7/8 we went to the zoo in the morning (it was very hot!), got Thai takeout, and watched a bit of Hamilton. On 7/9 we went to the Science Center, the park, and played some games after Davin was in bed, and 7/10 they headed back home (and stopped to see some of Melanie’s family on the way). It was great to see them!

7/17 Davin is 2.5! We can’t believe we have such a big kid. Davin is very sweet & loving (lots of hugs & kisses), likes to run hard and play rough, knows what he wants (i.e. is a little stubborn sometimes lol), and we love hearing him sing songs by himself (Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, & ABCs). Davin loves being a helper & playing in Dad’s workshop (maybe more than Ben? Ben moved his home office out to the workshop so it is his mancave for work, working out, & wood working!)… And Davin finally got a short haircut (Ben is becoming a pretty good barber – even cutting his own hair!).

At the end of June we found a new nanny share family about 10 minute drive away. Teddy comes over here 2 days/wk and Davin goes there 2 days/week (same nanny we have had for 15+ months). I thought Davin might be a little timid about being left at their house, since he hasn’t been in anyone else’s house or preschool etc since Covid started in early March… but he ran right in and never looked back… And when I came to get him he wanted to take all the toys home lol guess he has been getting a bit bored being mostly just at our house for 3 months.

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