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Fall 2014

Sorry, we haven’t posted for a while! It has been a busy but not terribly exciting fall. We’ve been working a lot – especially Ben! He finished sending out his job applications (~ 90) by December 1, and is now anxiously watching his phone to get calls for interviews at the AFA conference in Boston Jan 3-5. So far he has 7 and is hoping to get more calls this week!

The ideal process is to interview with about 20 schools at the conference in Boston. Each of the schools has a hotel room at the conference hotel, and he goes from hotel room to hotel room for his interviews lol. They are about 30 minutes longs and he presents his job market paper. Then in Jan-February he will hopefully get invited to 4-5 schools for a second round interview. He will fly out, do a 90 minute presentation and interview with lots of the faculty and tour the university. Then hopefully in March he gets a couple job offers! He would defend his dissertation and graduate in May and then start the job in July/August 2015.

My life isn’t as exciting lol but I got to coauthor a mini-paper that is on the Fed’s public website and was sited in the WSJ :-D!

Sorry for slacking off on visiting family & friends this fall :-/. I think we did a lot of weekends just working and being lazy lol. But we did enjoy a few nice fall walks (with lots of deer!) and I harvested my 9 little sweet potato plants. And in October Ben went to a finance conference in Philadelphia the Thursday/Friday before Columbus Day. I joined him Saturday and enjoyed a night in Phili and went on a nice little hike Sunday and then had dinner with my G&G Schollian in MD on the way home. Then on my wonderful day off on Monday :D, we stopped by Ben’s family to say hi.

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For Thanksgiving weekend we went to Ben’s family on Thanksgiving Day and had lots of good food and some games :-). Friday we worked but I got to have lunch w a friend visiting! And Saturday we hung out in MD with my grandparents – we went to Bob Evans for breakfast (which is really good!) and then had dinner with them and my aunts & uncle. My Aunt and Uncle got a new puppy which was SO cute! Ben’s Uncle Frank and Aunt Traci also invited us over that weekend, but since we were already booked we went to visit them the next weekend. Ben’s cousin Elizabeth, who I hadn’t really met before, was also there and it was good to hang out with them!

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Now we just need to finish Christmas shopping :-D! I’m going to AZ the 18-23 (Ben is staying home to stress/practice his interview presentations 🙁 ), then I have the 25th & 26th off of work and we will be hanging out with all of Ben’s family – I think 12/15 of the kids will be there! And then my sister will be visiting Dec 31- Jan 6 (while Ben is in Boston Jan 2-6)!christmasDecor


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!