Lena and Davin

Lena turned 2 years old April 23! And we didn’t even get a picture that day :-/…She did get some extra treats and eventually got to go to petsmart for a new toy tho. She’s adjusting to being a big sister and is pretty patient with getting only 1 walk a day instead of 2 and is learning to be gentle and not lick Davin to death lol. She may be a little jealous of all the new toys he gets but no damages so far.  Davin on the other hand… I’m not entirely sure he’s noticed her yet lol. I’m sure they will be good friends eventually, and for now she at least gets us to go on a walk every day and she makes Davin’s pictures even cuter.



Every day she brings us toys to play tug of war and eventually gives up and lays with her bear friend (still around since day 1!) lol.





0024 IMG_8441

0013 0012 IMG_8694 IMG_8713 IMG_8794 IMG_8792

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