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3 months old already! (April 17th)

<< 1 month on the left vs 3 months on the right!





Naps in the crib were becoming a battle so when we found he fell asleep by himself looking at the swing mobile he suddenly only took naps there lol. It was nice to be able to have him get good naps but I was a little paranoid about leaving the room since swings aren’t technically safe sleep spots :-/.  But good thing Ben was still on paternity leave so I could get a shower in!

The spring weather was beautiful and right as he turned 3 months he learned how to really hold his head up for tummy time :).

IMG_8567 IMG_8566 0011 IMG_8452 0010 0009 IMG_8501 IMG_8499 EasterWalk EasterBunnyBracelet GoToWorkWithDadDay GoToWorkWithDadDabyB 0001 0001a





Not quite ready for the chair tho lol


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