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Christmas 2016 PS



I loved the pics my friend took for us (check out Stephanie Chambers Photography on FB)! If you didn’t get a Christmas card and want one next year send me your address :) We always end up with extras but not much time with finals to think about who to send them to.



StandingByFrontDoor SittingByFrontDoor-LenaSmileForTheTreatButPleaseDontRunOverThere SittingByFrontDoor_upClose ChristmasTreeWithLena


Christmas 2016

The day before my last final Ben got home from a trip to NYC, where he’s presented a paper and Pinatais working on getting some data. He had someone give his finals while he was gone and got to work grading when he got back.  The day after my last final I headed to AZ to see my family and was there Thursday-Tuesday the weekend before Christmas. It was great to see my mom & stepdad, see Chelsey & Paul and their new place, and see lots of my cousins (and their kids are getting so big!), uncles&aunts, & Nanita & Grandpa Bert and do our fun Memmott Christmas party with the pinata, nativity, gift game, and lots of Mexican food! And Ben skyped in for our little family name exchange with my mom & stepdad and Chelsey&Paul. :) We missed Kyle & Andrew and I’ll have to make a longer trip next time so we can see my older step brothers who live a bit farther away. (oops didn’t take many pics in AZ)

ChelseysChristmasPresent Mom&Daughters_MomsPresent

Then on the Tuesday I flew home, Ben flew to DC to present at the Federal Reserve Board, and I drove 10 hours out to DC with Lena on Thursday Dec 22. Lena was a pretty good passenger but I missed having Ben and was done driving by the time I got to his parents house in VA, but he drove the last 2 hours to my grandparents house in MD. We hung out with my dad and grandparents & uncles&aunts in MD that weekend and did Christmas morning with them and went to church with them where my Grandpop spoke. Then we drove over to Ben’s parents house for Christmas dinner(I think 10/15 kids made it this year! plus we got to skype with his sister who is in Panama) and spent the night. Monday I got to have lunch with a friend at my favorite Indian place and Ben snuck off to work for a bit and then we drove back to my G&Gs for the Schollian Christmas party and white elephant game.

RoadTrip_Lena&Champ&ChismNaughty&Nice Chism&Lena AuntDonna&UncleReed ChismPleasePlayWithMe WhoDoesn'tNeedANewKnife MunyanChristmasDinnerSanta_Tey&Ben&Lena&ChismSanta&LenaChristmasTree_B&T&LenaDad&Tey_StarWarsChristmasEveGrandpop&GrandmomSchollianSchollianCousinsSchollianParty

ColdBeachTimeTuesday morning we were off to North Carolina where Ben’s parents rented a beautiful beach house, and luckily got to have lunch with Ben’s uncle & aunt & cousin in Richmond, VA on the way! We hung out in NC until we went home on Friday Dec 30.


We had lots of fun seeing everyone and Lena had fun playing with lots of other dogs :). We then had a few days at home and had a fun game night NY’s Eve.

Finally, Ben & I went to Chicago (and left Lena at the doggy daycare overnight for the first time :( lol) Jan 5-8 for the ASSA conference where Ben presented a paper and helped interview people to potentially join the Vanderbilt finance faculty and I went to a bunch of health economics seminars. It was much colder than my AZ bones were used to but it was fun to see some old friends and hear some interesting stuff. And then we were back in the races – January 9 school started for me again and Ben was back at doing research (Ben doesn’t teach until after spring break in March)!




Hope everyone had a good holiday and happy New Year and got a little break to relax and be with friends and family!



Fall 2016

So summer flew by with lots of travel and getting Lena.  Ben had to keep going to the Treasury in DC to access his data – from when he stopped teaching in May to when he started again in October, he probably went about 15 times :-/ so he got a bit tired out of traveling!

Before school started at the end of August for me, Ben’s parents and youngest 3 siblings visited for a weekend which was lots of fun! We did the zipline Tree Top adventure (that we did for Ben’s birthday the previous summer).  Us and the kids did the first obstacle courses and Ben and John did the third one, John would have done the 4th but we were all getting pretty hot. They had fun meeting Lena, we played some games, went on a little hike, and Ben got some help putting his gym together.

Ben,Jacob,John,&Dad zipline_grouppic zipline_BenJenny zipline_Johnzipline_Ben zipline_JohnJacob Parthenon_Jacob Jenny&Lena

We also got to have my aunt&uncle from AZ spend a night while they were here for a work trip and Ben’s oldest brother, Jason, visited for a weekend in September and I think we did pretty much everything in Nashville lol – Walking tour, State Fair, Exit Inn concert, Italian Light Festival, Shakespeare in the Park (Comedy of Errors), dog park, and ate at Hattie Bs, Pancake Pantry, Midtown Cafe, Woodlands! And while I did HW Ben & Jason went to the Parthenon, Opry Gardens, & Marine Parade!

Jason&Ben&Elvis Jason&Ben_capital T&B_capital Jason&Lena StateFair_JasonBenTey StateFair_pig StateFair_248PoundWatermelon StateFair_BenTeyErin(room mate) StateFair_1311PoundPumpkin StateFair_GiantPumpkins StateFair_cows StateFair_2500lbsCow PancakePantry

Other than that, just school for me, research for Ben until October and then he started teaching for the 2nd quarter. He taught Financial Institutions from scratch which was a lot of work and a section of Bond Markets (which he taught last year). But now he lesson plans for both so hopefully teaching will only get easier and no more all nighters next time he teaches! While he taught he didn’t travel too much, but did go to NYC to get some data and he got to present his research in Paris (his oldest brother met him there to tour for a day or two).

We did have some fun game nights, actually dressed up for Halloween (Ben won best least effort costume – he was E-mail/E-male lol and Lena was of course adorable as WonderDog), I went to the Escape Game with school friends, and we kept doing our dinner club tradition with my school group :).

EscapeGameHalloween (1)

For Thanksgiving week, my sister & BIL and mom & stepdad were supposed to all come from AZ – first time doing Thanksgiving with my family in 8 years and first time to host at our new house! But sadly my mom wasn’t feeling well and postponed their visit until next May. However we still had fun with Chelsey&Paul that week and we also had 4 people from my grad program join for Thanksgiving (plus someone’s wife & baby and someone else’s mom) so we had a fun full house :). Sadly when we went to the Grand Ole Opry, our car got broken into and my purse & Chelsey’s make up bag were stolen :(. Luckily we found Chelsey’s make up bag (which was the only thing worth much) and my empty wallet, but I guess we learned the lesson (again – Ben’s backpack got stolen out of our car in MD) to not leave stuff in the car :(. Frustrating that we had to spend money & time replacing a window and random purse stuff and they basically got nothing but apparently a bloody hand :(.

TNCapital_Chelsey&Paul&Lena GotBackEmptyWallet BrokenCarWindow

And we survived the end of the semester with papers and finals and grading and were off on a whirlwind winter break of travel!


Summer 2016 – travel & Lena!

So after my last test Thursday, May 26 we went home and packed up our condo and then Friday we moved into our new house :). We were a little worried about our movers being a bit late but they brought 4 guys instead of 2 so it went quite fast. Then Saturday, my friend Erin from the PhD program moved her stuff in (she’s going to live w us during this school year) and we had a fun game night and taco salad with my PhD friends. Then Sunday Erin went home to GA for the summer and we drove 2.5 hours to Indiana to see our 5 wk old puppy Lena!IMG_3328

Lena was born April 23 to Macy and Samson who belong to Faye Skelton.  There were 7 puppies in her litter – 3 girls and 4 boys. We got to visit when they were 5 weeks old but took her home after all our travel when she was 9 weeks old. Her name is Lena after Athena the goddess of wisdom in the Parthenon replica here. (Originally we were thinking of getting 2 puppies a mastiff mix and name him Zeus and Lena but decided to start w one this year.)

(<Lena on the left & her sisters)

Monday I cleaned out our condo, Tuesday Ben flew to DC to work at the OFR, Wednesday (my birthday :D woot 27!) I got a pedicure (first time in 3 yrs? lol) w my friend Kristine, then I flew to DC and had dinner w Ben at our old favorite Indian place (Spice 6) and went to our friend Danmo’s home where she surprised me with a delicious ice-cream cake and watermelon! Her baby is getting so big! Then my dad picked me up to go up to my Grandmom&Grandpop’s in MD while Ben finished working for the week and joined us on the weekend. Maryland was beautiful as ever and it was great to see my Dad, uncles&aunts, and G&G!

Danmo&Jian Chism&MaggieBear Dad G&GSchollian MDGeese MDmistymorningrun

I went home Tuesday and Ben came back from working Thursday and that weekend we hiked Old Stone Fort to celebrate my birthday :).

OldStoneFort3 deer_OldStoneFort







The next week Ben went to DC again Tuesday morning while I flew to AZ to see my family. I had fun going to the dinosaur museum with Afton and her kids, and enjoyed lots of shopping w my Mom, Chelsey, & Afton and lots of swimming, family, and Mexican food :). It was fun to see my Nanita and aunts&cousins (idk where all the uncles were this time lol)! Ben came out Friday in time for a swim party and the next afternoon we started our drive to Utah (Ben had a finance conference in Park City the next week).

DinoMuseum3 DinoMuseum2 DinoMuseum1 Afton&kids



Saturday we stopped at the Grand Canyon (Ben’s first time seeing it and I think I only saw it for a 7th grade field trip lol I guess we under appreciate the things we live by). Sadly 10 feet on the trail & I hurt my toe badly (ya ya don’t wear flip flops on a hiking trail). But Ben bandaged me up and we enjoyed the sunset at the Grand Canyon.

We stayed the night in Page, AZ and in the morning we toured Antelope Canyon — very pretty but a bit crowded. We then continued down to Park City, Utah and stopped briefly at Bryce Canyon which had very pretty views (next time we’ll have to take time to hike it).

AntelopeCanyon BryceCanyon

Monday we were planning on hiking Mt Timpanogos  (9 miles each way) but my foot still hurt and Ben needed to prep for his Tuesday presentation at the WFA conference. But we had a couple hours Thursday and hiked 8 out of 18 miles.

MtTimpanogos MtTimp

Besides the conference and seeing a bit of Park City we got to have a taco night w 3 of my mom’s brothers and their families and we spent the last night with my step-grandpa (my stepdad’s dad) and went out to eat w him and my stepbrother Kyle & his girlfriend. More pics here.

Then early Friday, June 23 we flew from Utah to Indiana where we picked up Lena and drove home :). She is adorable. Now at 12 weeks she is sleeping thru the night and has only had 1-2 accidents in the last week so almost house trained :D. She has sit and come down and is pretty good on the leash. We are just working on no nipping, no jumping for food, and no chewing and getting on furniture lol. But she is lots of fun and is doing well w her Petsmart puppy training class and we had a puppy play date w a Bernese Mountain pup that was fun (three weeks younger but he held his own good ;). She loves her new bed, to sneak in daddy’s chair, and to chew everything including her tail lol.     
IMG_3743 IMG_3780 IMG_3925 IMG_4099 IMG_4078 IMG_4089




Over 4th of July my friend Becky visited which was lots of fun to hang out and show her Nashville! And she helped us host a BBQ on the 4th w some of Ben’s coworkers and our neighbors.IMG_4091





And then my mom visited and taught Lena to love her tail and helped us decorate :).



Its been a fun June & July!

Spring 2016

I survived & passed my first year of my econ PhD and Ben did awesome as his first year as a finance professor!  It was a busy semester — the first quarter Ben wasn’t teaching and traveled to DC to work at the Treasury quite a bit.


Then for spring break we went on a cruise w my sister Chelsey and brother-in-law Paul from New Orleans to Mexico.  We spent one night in New Orleans and tried some seafood and crawfish, then spent one day on the cruise ship, 2 days in Mexico and then another day on the ship.



B&T_cruise  Ben_CruiseBunny




The first day in Mexico I accidentally mixed up the days and Ben&I missed our bus to Chichen Itza :( , luckily we were still able to see the Dzibilchaltun Mayan ruins instead. It was a warm day but it was fun taking a swim in the cenote and we got some paletas.



Ben&umbrella_MexicoRuins Tey_MexicoRuins lizardMexicoRuins Ben_MexicoRuins Ben_MexicoCenote Mexico_SpanishChurch









<This last one is a Spanish ruin. the Mayan buildings were built so they could see the sun thru the window of the building I’m next too above on the spring equinox and then the Spanish built this church in the middle of the plaza to block the view :(.



While we were exploring the ruins, Chelsey&Paul did a bus tour of the city.

And the second day in Mexico, all four of us went snorkeling which was fun :).

It was fun, although we probably ate more than was good for us :-/ and Ben said he needs more stay-cations lol.

Then we jumped into the second quarter.  Ben was busy teaching 2 sections of his bond market class but didn’t go to DC so much. He did travel to a few conferences and received an award for best dissertation at UMD so he was still using his suitcase a lot.  In April, Ben’s parents and youngest 2 siblings came to visit (bc another sibling had a field trip to Nashville) and sadly Ben was only here one day they were here (he was at a conference in DC lol). But it was fun to see them and try out Hattie B’s hot chicken (definitely recommend ordering ahead of time online to avoid the line) and going to the shooting range!

And my phd class kept up our dinner club. I hosted in February and did Mexican food :). I searched all over for tamales and finally found someone selling them out of the back of her car lol. And I made refried beans (for the first time somehow!), Spanish rice, grilled chipotle chicken & spicy shredded beef for fajitas, and red enchiladas. And of course Tres Leches cake and flan for dessert. I made tons of food and fit everyone into our condo!

DinnerClub_MexicanFood ErinsDinnerClub








After finals ended, I had two big tests – macro & micro economics prelim exams which I studied lots for and stressed about even more lol. The first was on our 7 year anniversary; after the test Ben had some fun stuff planned for us — set up the dining table we got at the flea market a while back at our new house (most of our renters were moved out but we waited til my last test to move in), make & eat dinner, paint these cute wooden signs (like an M), and go watch the Avengers/Cap. America movie… but we only made it to dinner and were too tired for the rest lol.

BensFancyDiningRoom ;-) SevenYrs!







SEVEN Years!!! And the shirt gave me enough luck to pass the macro prelim that morning!

Then after my micro exam on May 26, we went home and packed and moved into our new house May 27! It was a busy but good semester!

Christmas 2015 PS




As I mentioned before we took family pics for the first time and made Christmas cards! But we were so busy with finals and then traveling to VA/MD and AZ we didn’t send them all out or get many friends’ addresses.  So if you didn’t get one and want one next year (or a now super late one this year) send me your address or leave it in a comment/”reply” here.




Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! And thanks to everyone who sent us cards!


Christmas 2015

Sadly our Christmas break is almost over but we had lots of fun with lots of friends and family!

First we went to VA/MD for the week of Christmas. We spent Christmas day with the Munyans (19 people this year! – 12/15 siblings!) which was lots of fun. We also had fun staying at Ben’s brother’s house and watching Jared&Jills 2 littles get excited about and open presents early in the morning! The Munyans still have the tradition of everyone getting everyone something but we gave a group gift of going to the Escape Game so we didn’t have to shop too much lol.

MunyanChristmasDay2 MunyanChristmasDay ChristmasDinner_19Munyans VandyMan_Ben Christmas3 Christmas2 Christmas Ben&niece Ben&Tey_ChristmasDay2015 ChristmasDress StarWarsFighter Niece&Nephew HeAskedFor$100 MunyanEscapeGame EscapeGame_TeamB EscapeGame_TeamA




We also spent 2 days up at my Grandmom&Grandpop Schollian; my dad recently moved to MD and it was good to see him too (and watched the new Star Wars with him:). We had the traditional Schollian family white elephant party (I think I got the best gift of Aunt Amy’s homemade jam & apple butter;).


SchollianParty2 Schollians

We had lots of fun with the Munyans & Schollians and even got to see a couple friends! And we got to brag that the weather was warmer than AZ ;-)… not the first t-shirt weather Christmas in VA we’ve had.

Then after just 1 day back home in TN, we flew to AZ to celebrate Christmas with my mom&stepdad on New Year’s Eve. My stepbrother has been working at the Phx Puzzle Room (same idea as the Escape Game we did with Ben’s family for Christmas in DC and Ben’s 30th bday in Nashville) and we got to do a game there (lots of fun but we missed Andrew!), went to the Arrogant Butcher restaurant, and opened presents :).

PuzzleRoom_wKyle PuzzleRoom

We also had a fun get together with the traditional Mexican food and pinata with my mom’s family, the Memmotts, and then after just 2 nights Ben took off to the AFA conference in San Francisco to present his paper and I stayed and hung out in AZ – went hiking, shopping, ate even more Mexican food (I think I ate at least 10 tamales :-/), and went to the aquarium. After Ben’s conference, he got to spend one night at his Grandma’s in Sacramento and then we flew back home to Nashville together!

Pinata2 Pinata Pinata_BrittnyTommy Ben&Tey MatchingSistas Afton&Sean ChelsTeyInsta Coco&Scotty Coco Chelseys3Dogs ChelsTeyHike MomTeyChelsHike Aquarium FishBubble Aquarium_ChelsTeyMom