December 2019

The first week of December Davin figured out his bike! Its a balance bike – they don’t have any pedals, you just sit and push. He got it in the summer but was standing and walking with it (and didn’t like the helmet rule lol).

And in December, Davin finally started trying more than one new word per month! While in AZ he tried baby goat, animals, Chelsey, Paul, Coco & Boo (Boomer – Chelsey’s dogs), and finally put 2 words together “Mommy sit here! Dada sit here!” YAY!!! (putting 2 words together is a milestone goal for by the time they turn 2) … I know every kid develops at their own pace, but our nanny share girl (only a couple days older than Davin) learned the ABCs and talked in sentences months ago so it was a regular reminder that maybe he should be talking more lol. So we are glad he started trying lots of words even if it is often a guessing game to figure out what he’s saying. Here’s some random pics from December; he also finally figured out how to share with his nanny share friend pretty well :). (For a while it was “Mine!” to everything she touched the first half hour of the day :-/.)

In December, we had fun doing a friend Christmas party – decorating cookies for the kids and funny adult white elephant game, seeing a big Christmas tree & Santa Claus with neighborhood friends, and of course Santa at Petsmart with Lena… Ben was too chicken to put Davin in Santa’s lap so no sad Davin this year lol.

Tey & Davin flew to AZ 12/19 and Ben joined 12/21 and we all came home together 12/26. Before going to AZ, we had our own little Christmas morning in TN with Lena. Davin was very excited about the train table and was so cute rocking his dolls in their new crib. Lena loved her annual caterpillar and we had fun doing a silly string fight outside.

In AZ, we had fun going to the park, the petting zoo, train park & carousel, seeing my mom & stepdad, sister & BIL, aunts & uncles, grandma, and hanging out with my cousins & their kids! And we even got to have brunch with some MD friends who now live in Mexico and were in AZ!

And while in AZ, Ben & I got to hike Camelback Mountain – only 2.5 miles total but pretty steep. I wanted to exchange new rings for our 10 year anniversary but we didn’t get them in time for our anniversary back in May, so we decided to exchange them on Camelback which is where we first said I love you. We did a little sand ceremony that Ben found… cheesey but I liked it. Ben got a Celtic love knot ring and I got a ring with some teal blue stones.

We had lots of fun but Davin was a pretty tired bug at the airport home (he never just sits) but he did pretty good and even pushed his own suitcase (which was nice so the stroller could push his car seat lol)!

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