Winter/Spring 2016




Well January, February, and the first part of March were unusually warm – up in the 70s lots of days! So we went on our first camping trip with Lena which was fun :). Just one night, tin foil dinners, s’mores, a yummy breakfast and a hike.



Hiking_B&T&Lena Lena_FebHikes

Then in mid-March Lena finally got her first snow and she loved it :).


During Spring Break, my cousin Afton and her 2 cute kids visited (almost 2 & almost 5). Lena LOVES little kids, almost a bit much for the kids at first, but by the last couple days the kids were dragging her all over the house to play :) and Lena was even asking for a kid free break/nap lol.

AftonsVisitWe had fun going to the zoo (got to pet kangaroos!), park, Parthenon, driving the “walking tour” so the kids could sleep lol, and walking down Broadway. We also had some yummy BBQ food and went to the Grand Ole Opry.


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