Happy 2015!

As my coworker calls it, for New Years I had a Scho-down! My sister flew out to see me and Schollian is our maiden name :). She was here from Dec 31 – Jan 6, and we had lots of fun together and also hung out with lots of Schollian relatives in MD.

After work on New Years Eve (got off a bit early :-D!) I got Chelsey at the DC airport. We took the metro home, stopped at the grocery store, and made lots of delicious breakfast food – pancakes & buttermilk syrup, German pancakes & whipped cream, fruit, bacon, and quiche! And we spent the night eating and playing games :). Besides us there was Ben & his older brother, Jason; our friends Barbara&Gary Lougee; Gary’s sister, and Candice&Dave Ward – and of course their adorable toddler, Peter! Peter helped us baby proof our house 😉 but after a couple hours of exhausting all interesting things for toddlers, Ben found the magical babysitter – Curious George :D! Some of the games were very intense 😉 but lots of fun!

games2 games




Thursday and Friday, Chelsey and I went out to eat (went to Rasika – an amazing Indian restaurant, and Farmers Fishers Bakers – both in DC), had fun dressing up (and Chelsey teaching me make-up), and shopped a little.




TeyLace2 TeyChelsSunday ChelseyRed

From Friday, Jan 2 – Tuesday, Jan 6 Ben went to Boston for his interviews, and Chelsey & I went up to see our Schollian grandparents & family. We had lots of fun with them (and once again ate way too much :-/)!

ChelsDonnaTey TeyGrandmaChelse

RandysBoys Boys

ChelsSilasLevi ChelsIsaac ChelsTeyBarnfood

Champ2 Champ

TeyHorse ChelsJet

Chelsey and I left my Grandparents Tuesday about 5 am and headed to the airport…Unfortunately it had started to snow about 4 am and the roads and my inexperienced snow driving scared us both. Chelsey made it to the airport and I made it home but Chelsey’s flight was delayed about 5 hours :-/ and shockingly I didn’t get a snow day at work :(. Lame day for the first snow of the year.GumwoodSnow


But I took the day off anyways and took a nap before I went and got Ben at the airport at about 9 pm. And we were all safe and I was glad to see Ben again so I couldn’t complain too much :-).


Now Ben and I are trying to get back into the groove of things and I guess its time to stop eating chocolate and make some goals for the new year lol. Happy New Year everyone!

2 thoughts on “Happy 2015!

  1. Afton

    That food looks soooo good. And, now I want to go to your grandparents again. So beautiful! You should post some pictures of their property with snow when you visit again.

  2. Teyanna

    Ya lol, at the Schollian party, I thought my lasagna and Grandmom’s cabbage rolls for main dish wouldn’t be enough so I got Chelsey to make pasta, and then my aunt brought crab meatballs and rice w shrimp…plus garlic bread, salad, squash, and 3 desserts 😀 … so we ended up with enough for 3 meals 🙂 lol. Ya, hopefully we can make it up again this winter. The snow is pretty even if it isn’t fun to drive in when its fresh!


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