April 2014

April wasn’t too terribly exciting but spring is here! And if you know me you know I love spring! Ben probably is getting tired of me commenting on how pretty all the flowers are on our street everyday lol.

Even though it is our 5th year here, it is the first time we really made it down from to the Cherry Blossoms which are gorgeous! (Thanks to my coworker Kimberly Conlon for the bottom 2 pics!)

cherry_Ben cherry_Teyanna

cherry_Kim&JeffersonMon cherry_kim


We also attended Grandpa Munyan’s funeral in April. We were sad that we didn’t take the chance to get to know him better, but it was good for me to meet some of Ben’s extended family and Ben got to meet lots of family he hadn’t met or hadn’t seen in years. The ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery was very nice.

We also¬†helped my G&G Schollian mulch their gorgeous yard and gardens & celebrated my Grandmom Schollian’s 82nd birthday with her and some family!

G&Gdinner bear

Happy Spring everyone!



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