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Happenings of Dec 2013

What a busy month! We have had lots of fun! This might be long but if you stay til the end there is a really funny video 😉 !

The first weekend of December I went to a cookie party – you make 6 dozen of cookies and trade with everyone else! It was lots of fun to visit with friends and try lots of cookies! And a bit of work too ;). I made butterscotch toffee coconut pecan cookies. Below is what I made and took home:

IMG_2152  IMG_2163 The next week I went to book club (which is always fun!) but unfortunately the car started dying on the way over. I thought it was the alternator or battery and barely made it back home. Luckily for me one of my friends came and got me for book club. Meanwhile Ben went to AutoZone, they said the battery was fine and advised that it needed a new alternator. After much labor in the cold (and a bike ride to HomeDepot for more wrenches) Ben replaced the alternator… only to discover it was a just a bad wire not the alternator. But at least he knows how our car works now! IMG_2168That week I also got 1.25 snow days which was fun 😀 (only 1.5 inches of snow ;). The second weekend we did some Christmas shopping and went to the ward Christmas party. That Sunday was International Wear Pants to Church Day which I did. Here is an interesting article that talks about it. Basically it is trying to be a statement of inclusiveness, by wearing something unusual (women wearing pants or men wearing purple) it is saying all people are welcome at church even if they don’t fit the Mormon “norm.”

_DSC0139    _DSC0029

We went to AZ the 18th-24th and were very busy having fun! Wednesday we went to dinner with my Dad, Thursday we took family pictures with my mom & Craig, and did presents & dinner, Friday we went to lunch at Chelsey’s restaurant and did a cousin game&dinner night, and on Saturday we did a little hike & brunch for my Dad’s birthday and went to a big Memmott party on my mom’s side where we did a fun white elephant game.

IMG_2378 IMG_2377

We got a print of one of my Grandma’s drawings and this awesome prank gift box which we reused at the Schollian white elephant party. My cousin jumped in the cold pool then dressed up.

IMG_2361      IMG_2363

Sunday we went to church and hung out with family, Monday I had a brunch with a couple friends and we had dinner and presents with my dad at Chelsey&Paul’s house.

We went home Christmas Eve and stayed up late unpacking and wrapping more presents :D. We got to the Munyans at 9:30 am, woke up the last few people, and did presents from 10-1. In there family everyone opens a present every 15 minutes so there is time to show them off and say thank you. The 9 youngest were home plus us and the oldest, Jason. After presents, we played a really fun game I got – Quelf (I think we played it almost everyday since I opened it on the 19th ;). Then we had a yummy feast and went to see Frozen, which was pretty cute. I love the “Just Let It Go” song and it was cute that it was a little bit feministy.

IMG_2252 IMG_2255

Thursday we went back to work and Ben’s high school best friend and his fiance came over for dinner and games (you guessed it – Quelf ;). Saturday we went to the Schollian party and white elephant game which was lots of fun! Lots of cute little cousins!

IMG_2322     IMG_2287


IMG_2185 IMG_2270

At my work, there was a fun day were we had a nice lunch and Ben Bernake gave a funny Christmas speech and then there was a division party that I missed where each section decorated. My section did a Hunger Games theme “The ECB Games: Catching Buyers –  May the bonds be ever in your favor”; others did Fragili-tree, Harry Potter, etc.

Now last but not least, more pics can be found here and here are 2 of my favorite presents: a name tag Ben made me made out of Lapis Lazuli stone and the promised video of Ben singing the Frozen song “Just Let It Go”