May 17, 2018 – 4 Months Old Today:

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At his 4 month appointment, Davin weighed 15.5 pounds which is 50th percentile and was 95 percentile for height and head! (Was only 20th percentile for height when he was born so he has outgrown lots of clothes!)

He’s generally very happy and laughs and smiles lots, especially when he sees people he loves and when you tickle him in the right spot.  He loves playing with my mom’s cousin, Juleen, once a week and he likes our nanny who watches him and another baby his age 2-3 days a week!  Thanks to them, I’ve been able to get back to working on research and attend the monthly health econ advising group. And I need to start prepping the class I will be teaching in July (macroeconomics 101 for undergrads). He takes 3 naps in his crib (yay!), likes to eat his hands, and finally kind of likes a pacifier, and is rolling from his back to his tummy (last month he rolled from tummy to back a couple times).

We’d been double swaddling him, but right about when he turned 4 months old there was no more containing him lol.  So right about at 4 months he was no longer swaddled, started rolling onto his stomach in his sleep, and hit the “4 month sleep regression” where he woke up lots more at night… It was a rough 10 days. Before he was in bed about 8pm-7am and would eat at around 1:30am and sometimes a second time at 4/5am… but during the “4 month sleep regression” he woke up lots more… and woke up on his tummy which he wasn’t used to and wasn’t very happy about.  I really didn’t want to get in the habit of having to nurse him every time he woke up so we’d give him a pacifier if he woke up before 1 … sometimes he went back to sleep in 5 minutes… sometimes it took over an hour… Ben would stay up and work until 1 and help Davin go back to sleep so I could at least sleep a bit before 1am.  We changed his bedtime routine so he wasn’t nursing to sleep and added a 2-oz bottle which I don’t think helped him sleep longer but when he woke up before 1 we wouldn’t feel guilty that he was starving. Anyways, it was nice to get past the “4 month sleep regression” and back to getting up only 1-2x/night!

And lots of pics from this last month:

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