June 2015 – Moving Time!

And summer was here before we new it! The day after my mom&Craig left (Monday) was my birthday :D… I feel so old being 26 lol. I went to work and my co-workers surprised me with some treats (they know my weaknesses lol) and then after work Ben&I met for dinner. Unfortunately it started POURING rain when we were about a block apart from each other and got holed up across the street from each other. I had an umbrella which the wind almost ruined, so the restaurant host was nice enough to give me a better umbrella from lost & found. So I ran over to Ben (gave him one of the umbrellas) and we ran another block to the dinner reservation he made at a fancy French place. It was pretty good and dessert was humongous! lol Afterwards we went home where Ben’s parents and little sister had been waiting and we opened some gifts – I got some cool books (apparently I’m meant to read Clay Christensen because Ben’s mom and my cousin both gave me a book of his lol), face products from my mom&grandma (I helped pick it out lol) and Ben gave me a waffle maker (yay for a bigger kitchen soon to store it finally!), a cool pen that audio records (for my upcoming classes), and a UMD sweatshirt!

bdaycake bdaycake2 bdayrain worktreats

Then, the bday and graduation fun was done and we really had to think about moving.


Of course I procrastinated packing a bit with making a couple more batches of jam from our garden strawberries ;)

We decided Ben would take our truck of stuff June 12 and I would work a bit more and come with our car June 24th! We signed everything for selling our house June 12, and the buyers closed June 19. Unfortunately packing is more work that we thought and we had more stuff than we thought (we have been in the same place for 5 yrs :-/ … and have way too many books! lol). After lots of work (& sweat especially from Ben) we had the truck packed by 11 pm Friday, June 12 and off Ben went. It wasn’t the best idea to drive at night but for some reason that was Ben’s plan. Somehow he made it safely to Nashville by 11am the next morning, and just in time use his 10am-12pm elevator reservation at our new place! He unloaded the big stuff (had 2 guys hired to help), and then let the next people use the elevator… and he realized they didn’t have help so helped them unload for 2 hours. Then he went to our storage unit to unload our wood from my Grandpa’s farm (and he almost passed out there… yes sleep and food is necessary even for superman Ben ;) ) and he finally slept! The next morning he got up at 6am to unload all of our boxes before the elevator got crowded, returned the truck and walked home! Next time we will hire more people and plan better, but I can’t believe Ben did all that!

movingtruck storage

Meanwhile at home, I spent the night on an air mattress and Saturday morning Ben’s parents and 2 sisters came to help clean up and took our leftover stuff that didn’t fit in the truck like the lawn mower. Then I went to a ladies lunch with some coworkers (happy bday Caitlin! I miss you guys) and then cried a little looking at our empty house, and drove over to a studio apartment by work I was renting for the next 12 days. They next week or so, I finished up stuff at work, hung out with my friend Becky who was back in town, said goodbye to coworkers and my RS book club, went to Ben’s sister, Lauren’s, HS graduation and had a fun dinner w 3 of his sisters and some games at their house with the fam. We loved our time here & will miss all our friends&family and our house&garden&favorite restaurants but after 2 weeks of saying goodbye I was ready to see Ben again and get to Nashville!

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I drove to Nashville Thursday, June 25 (good drive except the ac died so I almost died of heat :( at least I could get Icee’s!). Friday I did wash & hung out with Ben – we were super excited about the Supreme Court ruling for Marriage Equality and the ACA that day and almost made it to Nashville Pride Festival but sadly it was raining :(  - but Ben did make it Saturday!. Then Saturday morning I headed off to AZ! …And that trip will have to be another post :).

Hope you are all having a great summer!

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