Spring 2015

In March, we went to Puerto Rico for a week to celebrate Ben’s new job & graduation, which was really fun! We stayed 3 nights at an AirBnb in San Juan and then 3 nights at a hotel on the East side near the rain forest. We went on a 7+ mile hike in the rain forest (saw a couple lizards and great views), went to the beach, walked around San Juan and saw the old Fort San Cristobal, did some little hikes to a couple caves (and saw some bats), went on a boat trip and snorkeled, went on a night kayak trip and saw the luminescent bay, tried mufongo and Puerto Rican food, and ate lots and lots of crepes lol! We had lots of fun and were sad to go! Sadly on the way home we missed our connecting flight in Florida :(. It was a really sad story/reason to miss a flight and we spent the night in Florida but hopefully its my first and last time missing a flight :-/.

pr_tey_view pr_view

pr_cave_tey pr_cave_b&t

pr_cave pr_boat

IMG_3962IMG_3978 IMG_3957 IMG_3963 IMG_3964 IMG_3966 IMG_3975 IMG_3977

In April, Ben did some April Fool’s jokes on me 😉 (the guard & I didn’t catch my ID till the next day) and we had Easter dinner with my grandparents and uncle&aunt. My Grandmom had just got a heart pace maker the day before and popped back better than ever!  So to wish her well and for fun I made my G&G and aunt&uncle Easter baskets :).

IMG_3986 IMG_3988 IMG_3987 IMG_3990

Also in April, Ben’s sister, Andrea, got engaged and we got to meet her fiance, see her try on gorgeous wedding dresses, go to Red Lobster, and have a family BBQ! We also had a friend BBQ that same weekend and managed to get 17 people in our basement plus a puppy when it rained :D.

The first weekend in May my sister, Chelsey, came to visit. We had fun going on a hike, hanging out, and seeing our Schollian family in Maryland. As my co-worker would say, it was a great Scho-down ;).

Chelsey&Grandmom TeyChelsDonnaGrdmom

TeyG&G ChelsG&G Debbie&Ron Donna

Tey&Chels  Tey_steps Tey&Chels2

MDGrouppicSilly MDGrouppic

G&G Tey&Chels_GFalls

house Tey_river

We put our house on the market the day before Chelsey got here – Wednesday, April 29 and by the next Tuesday we had more than 70 visits and 8 offers (all at or above list price)! Definitely faster than we expected. We were originally set to close June 8 but it got pushed back a bit to June 19, but everything worked out great!

Anything else fun? Ben went to North Carolina for a conference in April, we did laser tag with Ben’s siblings, my friend Zina visited from NYC, and Ben & I saw the Avengers movie (kind of our anniversary tradition now ;). We also went to Nashville for our anniversary weekend – we checked out the condo we were planning on renting, Ben attended Vanderbilt’s one-day finance conference (and I got to meet some of the other professors at dinner), we went on a little hike, went out to dinner, and walked around downtown. I was just there Friday-Sunday; Ben got there Thursday and left Sunday for a finance conference in Georgia and then came home Wednesday, May 20 – the day before his graduation! And that (graduation) will be the next blog :)!

And if you made it to the end, enjoy some of DC’s spring flowers :).

IMG_3993 DC_spring_pink DC_spring_white IMG_3998 IMG_4009 IMG_4020 IMG_4014 IMG_3996



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