February 2014

snowWell, I feel like it has been a lovely lazy winter. We have worked our fair share but I feel like we’ve had lots of lazy weekends/snow days. We had a snow day right after MLK day (yea 4-day weekend!)  and we just had one Feb. 13 - the Thursday before Presidents Day (yea almost 4-day weekend!).

We did plan something fun for Valentines/Presidents Day Weekend. For Valentines Day on Friday, we just got Indian food and frozen yogurt. Ben was kind of sad tho, cause he had ordered flowers and chocolate-covered strawberries to be sent to my work Friday at 2:30, but of course they went through security and I didn’t get them until the next Tuesday – but they were still good :D and Ben called the delivery company to say the delivery was late (they were supposed to call my cellphone so I could pick them up myself) so they sent some to our house too ;-).

For our fun weekend trip we went to North Carolina Saturday – Monday. It is only a 4-4.5 hour drive and hopefully was a little warmer! We got there Saturday evening and went to a mall for dinner and saw the Lego movie – it was not what I was expecting (but given I didn’t see a trailer I’m not sure what I was expecting lol) but was pretty cute/funny and had a cool message. This is a fun article about it (probably skip down to 1. The Hero Journey…).

Sunday we went to church in the morning – we tried out a Unitarian Universalist church and it was a pretty cool experience – they were very welcoming and accepting and I really felt what our LDS faith calls the spirit there. The message was “Family Matters” and they had the reverend and 3 couples from the congregation give thoughts. In one family, the Dad said he did a morning ritual with his two daughters where they did something spiritual/mental, physical, and intellectual – usually it was meditation, push-ups, and reading something together – like from a science book. It was a pretty nice day so we walked around Duke and UNC’s campus. They were both very nice; Duke had a really cool Cathelic Chapel/Cathedral and very nice gardens (nice fish and greenery but not many flowers this time of year).  That night we did our “fancy” dinner at Red Lobster.

BenNDukeChapel           DukeChapel

Monday we went to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences and then we got to tour the Duke Lemur Center. They have over 200 lemurs and over 20 different species – the largest lemur center besides Madagascar where they are from (80 species of lemurs live in Madagascar!). They also still have the lemur who was in PBS’s Zoboomafoo! The coolest/creepiest lemur was the nocturnal Aye-Aye with its huge eyes and bat-like ears and its bony middle finger used to get bugs. Overall it was a great trip! NC seemed pretty rural but we found plenty to do and it was very pretty.

Oh ya, at the end of January we had to say goodbye to my second favorite Ben:

BenBBaseball       BenBBaseballBack

BenB       JY

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